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1. When we ask questions like, “How much data is too much data-to-data mine?” we seek specific knowledge. For this project, you need to identify a specific information system you use for data mining and explain an issue the information system might have with data mining big data.

2. When looking at an analytics tool such as Tableau, especially the mapping capabilities, how important is the information it produces? Explain how the mapping capabilities can be used to forecast, for example, sales in an area, new company location, or new product sales.

3. What are analytics, and what are the different types of analytics? 

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Retail 1


What is Business (Education, Finance, Health Care, Retail, or a business of your


What is the purpose of the DB?

This DB is used to store wide veraity of data related to the retail field for example
a retail store has data related to employees, customers, orders, products, offices,
payments, orderdetails, productlines. This database can have all the necessary
relationships and constraints in order to perform a smooth and reliable
operations while trying ot be fail proof.

Who is the DB for? Who are the users?

This DB is for the day to day activity in a retail store from front desk, payments,
billing to inventory management in backedn of the store.

Users for the DB shall mostly be the employees of the store but with different
roles, such as employee at the billing counter will access payments and
customer details, while products table is managed or maintained by a backend
worker dealing with inventory management responsibilities. In this way retail DB
can be accessed by different employees with different responsibilities.

Why is the DB necessary?

This Database can help in streamlining the operations in a retail store as it
maintains the information about the products available in the store, details
frequent customers and frequent products bought which helps in performing
related analytics on the customers preferences which might also be based on the
seasons and other factors. Such collection and storage of data in the database
can help the retail store in optimizing operations verticals in the store.

Where is the DB located both Physical and Logical location?

Typically, mysql will store the data in the default diectory of /var/lb/mysql. This
can be accessed acordingly depending on the location of the database, i.e where

Retail 2

it is located in remote server using any hosting services or if it is stored in on-site
server. Based on the server location the db can be located.

How will it be hosted?

Since the retail store influx is volatile i.e huge amount of customers might shop
on a particular date which is unpredictable, scaling is an important factor which
favours the use of hosting services, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google
Cloud Platform. The database may also be kept on site, i.e in the retail store
premise, depending on its requirement, in an internal server.

How will the data be stored and backed up?

The process of creating, maintaining, and preserving copies of data in case it is
lost, corrupted, or destroyed is known as database backup. Users can restore
data from databases before it becomes useless. Using a database backup
system, this may be carried either automatically or manually.

Key stages of the database backup and storage process include:

Identify critical data sources that must be backed up and secured, including
tables, instances, and logs

Determine the type of backup required for the environment

Choose the storage location of the backup data. Businesses can store the
backup on-premises, cloud, or a hybrid location.

Execute the backup at a scheduled time. DBAs can automate the execution
process if required.

Regularly validate the data by restoring it to a different database location

Establish Business Rules.

Main users of the DB should be the employees of the retail store

since the inventory is not updated frequently, we can place the products table as
static table

Previliages such as changing the MSRP of a product should be kept out of
access to all employees.

employess should be given limited access accross the database.

Retail 3


table should be taken care of with checknumber and amount column
being most important columns.

Design map

Database Tables:

Customers Table :

Retail 4

Employees Table

Offices Table

Order Details

Retail 5



Retail 6



Retail 7

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