AMU Mentorship & Positive Mental Health in New Nurse Practitioners Paper Checkpoints

research paper. this paper is on, picot question is ” Does mentorship influence positive mental health in new Nurse Practitioners graduating entering the workforce in the first year of practice.”

Paper Element Checkpoints:
1. Search the literature on a potential topic, formulate PICOT Question & key words
2. Topic selection and study design
3. Study Purpose
1. Search the literature on a potential topic, formulate PICOT Question & key words
-skim articles, determine what to keep via inclusion criteria
-input into literature matrix
– clearly describe your search strategy (database, key words, parameters etc.)
*Reference OPHLA article skimming strategy, make notes in a lit review matrix via Word/
Excel or input notes into Refworks on any article that will be meaningful to reference in
your paper.
*After your initial PICOT question search for what is likely the most relevant existing
literature and expansion with key words and parameters in your database search, finalize
your research question in PICOT format.
2. Topic selection and study design
Remember, in order for your capstone proposal to constitute research, it must be rigorous
method for generating new knowledge, or refining and validating existing knowledge. If
your research question has been addressed in previous studies and the level of rigor was
sufficient, add’l study may not be relevant. Review study limitations and implications for any
direction of related future research.
Replication studies can be helpful to address methodological errors that threatened the study
validity. A design with a higher level of evidence to answer the research question, or a design
to explore findings of existing research in a different population/ setting may still be an
Recall CEBM’s levels of evidence to ensure you select an appropriate design.
Your PICOT question type will lend itself to an appropriate study design. Consider using
Melnyk and Overholt’s PICOT question worksheet to determine the type of research
question you are pondering, and then zero in on an appropriate design based on the proposed
scope/ purpose:
Once your scope is identified, decide if a qualitative or quantitative design will help to
retrieve the most relevant data. Recall that the ability to generate descriptive statistics related
to variables of interest does not automatically make the design quantitative.
Take the design a bit further, and identify the most relevant sub-type of quantitative or
qualitative research, and find a validated critical appraisal tool for that design.
In writing up your proposed study methods, referencing an appraisal tool will prompt you to
consider the rigor of each study element.
3. Study Purpose
Your research question is to serve an overall, general purpose with a predetermined goal
(improving quality of life for teens with epilepsy, preventing complications related to post
infection in type 2 diabetics, reducing risk of comorbidity development in the obese elderly
population, investigating effectiveness of text message follow-up after primary care visits of
medically underserved adults, etc. Specific study aims should support steps toward the goal
and are often related to a key variable that can be measured in some way.
There must be congruence among the research question, study design, purpose and goal/
The next section of the paper that addressed the background/ significance of the problem
should begin with a problem statement with supportive statistics/ literature that reinforces
the study relevance and importance.
4. Problem statement, Background and Significance
*Provide a draft of your problem statement
(be sure to demonstrate the relevance and importance of addressing the clinical problem)
5. Theoretical Framework
Consider a theory you are familiar with, or familiarize yourself with a theory that you feel
can support your philosophy for the proposed study design/ spirit.
Identify key concepts within the theory.
Write out the theory assumptions and theoretical propositions as they relate to key concepts.
Try to find ways to apply the theoretical assumptions, or defined metaparadigms/ key
concepts to elements of your study.
How you draft the consent or how you design/ select an intervention may be influenced by
the theorists definitions of man, health, nursing and the environment…
Consider change theories, social learning theories, those about self efficacy, health
promotion, etc etc etc.
Write a paragraph about how the theory is relevant to your study and how theoretical
components are integrated into your study. Provide a rationale for selecting the theory.
6. Literature Review
Begin writing your literature review.
Describe the database search method, key words, inclusion/ exclusion criteria and provide a
general introduction to the type of literature retrieved.
Write a summary of each study that you decided to include after skimming articles. The
summary should describe the same elements in the literature review matrix, but also include
strengths/ weaknesses and relevance for selection.
After providing information on each included study, write a summarizing paragraph about
what the lit review yielded and the key takeaways supporting the proposed research study.

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