Assault in Medical Settings Discussion


>Assignment should follow the Sample provided

>Assignment should have two paragraphs followed by a narrative which detail discussing assault and battery in a medical setting.

>Two “external authoritative sources” each source substantively and properly cited in each narrative paragraph using Proper APA Style.

Very important, Each reference should follow each narrative paragraph.

>And 1 complete links to each of the “external authoritative sources” leading to the full article. The link placed at the end of each reference. Each link to the full article for each source is required to immediately following the reference.

> Points will be lost if the reference(s) for the first source does not follow the brief paragraph narrative substantively citing the first source along with the link. Then the second source narrative shall be presented also with proper citation(s), reference and link. Use Proper APA Styles for citation and References.

>Please make sure that sources are External Authoritative Sources.

Very important: External Authoritative Sources” for purposes of this assignment shall mean: articles from published books, peer reviewed journal articles at least have 1 author, education and government sites as well as non-partisan national or international organizations (such as WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS etc) provided, however the article selected must have: Authors name and In text citations and references to support statements made there in. Make sure the references are complete with journal information for articles and book publishing information for books.

Very important: Under no circumstances are newspapers (e.g., the Wall Street Journal), blogs (regardless of source), editorials, panel discussions, definition of terms, “dot com” sites, and the text books from the course or other courses to be used. The foregoing are not considered authoritative external sources for this assignment. A source cannot be referenced unless it was cited in the narrative paragraph.

> I see on the sample that the professor come up with a quote or a question before starting the narrative can you come up with 1 to for each narrative.

As requested, below please find a sample of one of the two sources required for the
Individual Authoritative Links Assignment. Students may not use this source in their
submission or it will receive zero points.
TITLE: The Changed Environment: Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical Providers, and
NARRATIVE #1: In ‘’Limiting the Influence of Pharmaceutical Industry Gifts on
Physicians: Self-Regulation or Government Intervention?’’ (Grande, 2010), examines the
public’s increasing interest in the influence pharmaceutical companies have on physicians
through gifts and the efforts for regulation. Grande (2010), sheds light on the influence
pharmaceutical gifts have on medical providers and how this scrutiny is questioning the
objectivity and independence of physicians and the way they prescribe medication (para.
2). The pharmaceutical gifts that are potentially swaying physicians’ objectivity range
from company-sponsored meals, drug samples, to other non “educational” gifts of less
value (Grande, 2010, para. 5). Although some gifts might appear trivial, data suggests
that even gifts that might not have much significance may create influence (Grande,
2010, para. 12). The public’s interest in the effect these gifts have on physicians was
piqued from the realization that drugs that were heavily marketed were revealed to pose
public health risks, the rising costs of pharmaceuticals was also a major factor (Grande,
2010, para. 2). Grande explains that efforts toward self-regulation have been made such
as the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) issuing
voluntary guidelines in 2002(Grande, 2010, para. 5). However, circumstances advise that
depending on ethics guidelines to guide self-regulation have been slow to bring
substantive change (Grande, 2010, para. 8). As for governmental intervention, Grande
(2010), explains that governmental regulations will contain loopholes and the
pharmaceutical industry will find ways to promote its products regardless of ethics (para.
Grande, D. (2009). Limiting the Influence of Pharmaceutical Industry Gifts on Physicians:
Self-Regulation or Government Intervention? Journal of General Internal Medicine,
25(1), 79–83.
Assault in Medical Settings
Title: Effectiveness of interventions to de-escalate workplace violence against nurses in
healthcare settings
Narrative #1: Workplace violence is an increasing issue in a society and even healthcare
workers such as nurses are not immune from it. Many nurses have been assaulted by co-workers,
patients, or guardians of their clients. According to Somani et al. (2021), there are several ways
through which assault in healthcare settings can be mitigated. One of the most impactful methods
is training nurses and other caregivers. With relevant training on how to handle violent clients
and co-workers, hostile situations can be prevented from aggravating (Somani et al. 2021).
Another essential way to combat violence in healthcare is to develop a reporting criterion. This is
the system that helps nurses to report assault cases to their seniors so that they can be handled
Somani, R., Muntaner, C., Hillan, E., Velonis, A. J., & Smith, P. (2021). A systematic review:
effectiveness of interventions to de-escalate workplace violence against nurses in
healthcare settings. Safety and health at work, 12(3), 289-295.
Link :
Title: Violence towards healthcare workers
Narrative #2: Based on the study conducted by Safar Alsaleem and his colleagues, it can
be seen that slaps and verbal assault are the common types of violence that healthcare workers
experience. From the findings, it is clear that some risk factors of assault are dissatisfied patients
and reduced productivity among workers (Alsaleem et al. 2018). All healthcare workers are
prone to assaults from colleagues or clients, which makes their work hard. Hence, a lot of
interventions are needed to combat this issue. Concerning violence in medical settings, Mary was
a nurse at Hailstone Clinic where she forgot to change a client’s bandages due to being
overworked. She was on the night shift for two weeks and was extremely tired. One Monday
morning before leaving for home, her supervisor noted the mishap, and instead of questioning
Mary in the office, she verbally assaulted her by yelling in front of the patients. With all the
exhaustion, Mary became less motivated to work, leading to low quality output. This abuse was
evident in the patient’s outcomes and they reported Mary to have been less involved with their
care since the incident.
Alsaleem, S. A., Alsabaani, A., Alamri, R. S., Hadi, R. A., Alkhayri, M. H., Badawi, K. K., … &
Al-Bishi, A. M. (2018). Violence towards healthcare workers: A study conducted in
Abha City, Saudi Arabia. Journal of family & community medicine, 25(3), 188.

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