AUA Health Care Marketing Discussion

For each Packback assignment, you must watch a video and post 1 question (w/ discussion) related to theassigned video and respond to the post of 2 classmates.The goal of the assignment is to expose you to a contemporary topic in health care with the assigned video andget you to think critically about the topic and how it connects to health care marketing. In doing so, you shouldresearch separate source documents (an article, legitimate blog, news story, documentary, government website,whitepaper, etc.) to support the thoughts that you express in your post. Thus, the best posts connect theassigned video to something in health care marketing and a separate source document that you found. The bestposts provide insight, connection, and inspiration rather than just summarizing, restating, or rearranging thewording of something already stated in the video to form a question.I’m sure that some of you have used Packback in the past. I know that some professors have these assignmentsdue every week. But rather than doing one each week, I prefer to do fewer assignments that ask you to “digdeeper” into the topic. Thus, I’m asking you to do fewer assignments, but they should be more developed andinvolved. Think of this as something bigger than a discussion board post but smaller than a research paper.Packback assignments cannot be submitted late.FormatYour post should be in the following format with at least 4 paragraphs. At least 4 of the paragraphs in your postshould begin with one of the sentences noted below (you may tweak the wording if you like, but it should be aclear and unmistakable modification of the paragraph starters in quotations below). This assignment is aboutquality NOT quantity. The number of words you use aren’t directly counted for your grade, but you will probablyneed to write at least 400 words to do this assignment correctly (for your information, this sentence makesthe assignment instructions 400 words so far).? Paragraph 1“In the assigned video…”The goal is NOT to summarize the video. Everyone is expected to have watched the video—summarizing andrestating everything in the video is unnecessary. Your goal here is simply to provide context for your question anddiscussion—a few sentences about the video so that the reader of your post can understand what you arediscussing and how your post relates to the video.? Paragraph 2“This makes me believe/feel/think…” OR “Based on this, I believe/feel/think…” OR “Based on this information inthe video…” OR “Based on this, I believe/feel/think that my question is important because…”Now that you have provided context for the reader in paragraph 1, you should explain why your question isimportant or why this element of the video struck your interest. Feel free to include personal experience, agree ordisagree, provide an alternative opinion, offer solutions or “what if” scenarios. You can have multiple paragraphs here—only the first paragraph would need to start with one of the above paragraph starters. You can tweak these paragraph starters, but you must clearly state how your question and discussion are based on the video and your paragraph 1.? Paragraph 3“This is important to health care marketing…” OR “This relates to health care marketing…” OR “This must beconsidered when marketing health care because…”Connect your Packback question and discussion to the course and explain how your question and discussion areexplicitly related to the material in this course or why they are important to health care marketing (as discussedin this course). You can tweak these paragraph starters, but you must clearly state how your question anddiscussion are related to the course material.? Paragraph 4“An additional resource that supports my discussion…” OR “To support my discussion…” OR “I found thedocument mentioned as my source to show…” OR “My source document is important to this discussionbecause…”DO NOT list the assigned video or related source as an additional source for your post. Again, everyone isexpected to have watched the video and automatically knows the assigned source material. Here, you are to dosome research and find an additional independent source to support what you have stated in your post. You cantweak these para

HEre is link to video…

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