BIOL 2113 Albany Technical College Respiratory and Digestive System Questions

3 AM Tue Apr 14A.
3 58%
Lab Exam 3 over Digestive and Respiratory Spring 2020 2
8 Q
mes New Roma
Principles of A&PI (Biol 2113)
Albany Technical College
Lab Exam #3 over Respiratory and Digestive System
Instructions: Please place your first and last name, the due date, and the activity number in the upper
right hand corner of every assignment (-5 if missing). Please load this exam as an attachment only in its
(Digestive System): 2 points each for a total of 40 points
Please type the questions in bold black ink using Times New Romans with 12 point font (-10 if
incorrect). Please type the answers and times in regular black ink, not bold or any other color
using Times New Romans with 12 point font (-10 if incorrect). Please use proper spelling,
punctuation, and grammar (-1 point for every error). Create 20 critical thinking questions and
answers from Digestive System part 1 by Crash Course A&P #33 with the time of
11 minutes and 05 seconds on You Tube Video. This means that no credit will be given for
true or false questions, matching questions, multiple choice questions, fill in the blank questions,
yes or no or any other type of question that does not require critical thinking. You must reference
your video. Ex. The web address, the title, the total length of the video, when it was uploaded,
and who uploaded it before you create your questions (-10 if missing). Please paraphrase each
question in your own words. No credit will be awarded for any questions that are copied directly
from the video. You cannot give the range of time that answered the question that you created (-
20 for providing the range of time that answered the question instead of the one question
that answered it). In other words, you must give the exact time in minutes and seconds that
completely answered your question, not the time when you started hearing the answer. Please
number your paper and create the questions and answers in order based on the time. In other
words, a 3 minute and 23 seconds question and answer should not be before a 2 and 17 second
question. Please be sure to view the entire video. I will know if you viewed the entire video
based on how you document your time. In other words, if a video is 5 minutes and 40 seconds
long, your last question and answer should not stop at 3 minutes at 12 seconds. This will result in
deduction of points. Please make a notation on your assignment if your video ends at 4 minutes
and 10 seconds when it was supposed to be 7 minutes and 54 seconds so that I will know not to
expect any content after that time. This still means that you will still be responsible for creating
the required 10 critical thinking questions. You can document questions from writings on a
board, diagrams, and recaps at the end of each video if this is applicable to your video. You may
use a max of two videos if you are having trouble creating 20 questions from one video.
(Respiratory System): 2 points each for a total of 60 points
1. Go to quizlet. You will not need to sign up or log in.
2. In the search box type Respiratory System. Please use (Respiratory System, Respiratory System
by teabsk with 38 terms).
3. Please use Times New Romans 12 point font only (-10 if incorrect font is used).
4. Instructions: Using the flashcards on guizlet, Please type the 30 of the 38 words in bold (-10 if
the word is not in bold). Type the definiti in black regular ink, not bold or any other color (-10
if you do not use black regular ink). Please be sure to number your paper. You are to create a
true physiology for the organ, part, or picture if it does not have a definition.

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