Broward Community College Affinity Home Care Literature Review and Project Plan & PPT

Begin the written assignments with a reiteration of a clear statement of the project’s purpose and where it will be conducted. Next, discuss the health care facility’s reasons for doing this project. Follow this introductory section with a discussion on what was learned about the topics related to the project, that is, like a term paper. After this section on a summary of the reviewed references, state your plan. This would describe what was to be accomplished (project goals), and probable steps to take (project objective), the data to collect/review, possible resource people (or other facilities) to contact, and finally, a time frame that indicates when the various activities will be implemented.


o No more than 10 slides total, not including your title page and reference page

o Two main criteria (presentation and content) will be used to evaluate your oral presentation.

o Students will be required to evaluate your presentation.


o No more than 10 pages, not including your title page and reference page

o Double space and Font size: 12. Please there’s is a minimum of 10 sources. So your writing about an issue at the site(affinity home care) and giving arguments why i chose this topic and how the company can benefit from it.The issue is that they don’t provide services to children and You are just implementing how Medicaid kids etc could be of help. Medicaid services they can use ,the different long term care,how they can apply for these services where they would get supplies etc. You can also use ahca Medicaid.

Writing a Literature
Review and Proposal
From Cone and Foster (2006)
General Guidelines to
Writing a Literature Review
◼ Introduce the literature review by pointing
out the major research topic that will be
◼ Identify the broad problem area but don’t
be too global (for example, discussing the history of
education when the topic is on specific instructional
◼ Discuss the general importance of your
topic for those in your field
General Guidelines to
Writing a Literature Review
◼ Don’t attempt to cover everything written
on your topic
◼ You will need to pick out the research
most relevant to the topic you are
◼ You will use the studies in your literature
review as “evidence” that your research
question is an important one
General Guidelines to
Writing a Literature Review
◼ You will need to plan how you will
structure your literature review and
write from this plan.
Several Ways You Might
Organize A Literature Review
◼ Topical Order—organize by main topics or
issues; emphasize the relationship of the
issues to the main “problem”
◼ Chronological Order—organize the
literature by the dates the research was
◼ Problem-Cause-Solution Order—Organize
the review so that it moves from the
problem to the solution
Organizing Your Literature
◼ General-to-Specific Order—(Also called the
funnel approach) Examine broad-based
research first and then focus on specific
studies that relate to the topic
◼ Known-to-Unknown Order—Examine the
current literature about the problem and
then identify at the end what still is not
Literature Review
◼ After reviewing the literature,
summarize what has been done, what
has not been done, and what needs to
be done
◼ Remember you are arguing your point
of why your study is important!
◼ Then pose a formal research question
or state a hypothesis—be sure this is
clearly linked to your literature review
Literature Review
◼ All sources cited in the literature
review should be listed in the
◼ To sum, a literature review should
include introduction, summary and
critique of journal articles,
justifications for your research
project and the hypothesis for your
research project
Common Errors Made in Lit

Review isn’t logically organized
Review isn’t focused on most
important facets of the study
Review doesn’t relate literature to
the study
Too few references or outdated
references cited
About 10 references are expected
Common Errors Made in Lit

Review isn’t written in author’s
own words
Review reads like a series of
disjointed summaries
Review doesn’t argue a point
Recent references are omitted
Writing the Literature Review
Plagiarism includes (Galvan, pg. 89):
Using another writer’s words without proper citation
Using another writer’s ideas without proper citation
Citing a source but reproducing the exact word without
quotation marks
Borrowing the structure of another author’s
phrases/sentences without giving the source
Borrowing all or part of another student’s paper
Using paper-writing service or having a friend write the
Writing Your Proposal
◼ Your Final project will include all the
sections in a literature review and—
◼ A methodology section
◼ Proposed statistical analyses (if possible)
◼ Please see your Syllabus for more details
◼ References section (APA style or other style
◼ John D. Cone, Sharon L. Foster (2006).
Dissertations and Theses from Start to Finish:
Psychology and Related Fields.

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