LIFESTYLE Luxury RV, manufactured in Middlebury, Indiana, assembled a team of the industry’s best and brightest who are putting their expertise to work to give the RV industry a new choice for resort-ready luxury fifth wheels. The company focuses on creating the ideal year-round living experience through construction that’s second to none and by delivering […]

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Edit a Press Release First Draft

Reduce headline to maximum of 70 characters, including spaces. Univision and Televisa Expand Partnership to Increase Opportunities for Latinos in Media and Technology Reduce press release to maximum of 400 words, including About sections but not contacts. NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)—(Aug. 27, 2018) Univision Communications Inc. (“Univision”) and Grupo Televisa, S.A.B. (“Televisa”); (NYSE:TV); (BMV:TLEVISA), two of […]

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  Vertigo often presents as dizziness, which can have many causes. In this discussion, we will examine causes and their related anatomy and physiology. Within the article, The Treatment and Natural Course of Peripheral and Central Vertigo , select one type of vertigo to read about. Focus on the anatomy and physiology, as opposed to […]

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Over Medicated and Overwhelmed

  Antibiotics have saved millions of lives since they were first observed by Pasteur and Koch and later named by Selman Waksman in 1942. Unfortunately, antibiotic-resistant microbial strains are becoming more prevalent and therefore making once easily treated infections more difficult to treat. For your initial discussion post, share your thoughts on three ways that […]

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Institutional Pharmacy Practice

20 questions Institutional Pharmacy Practice Question 1   (5 points)   The _______ publishes several lists to aid in error prevention, including High Alert, Tall Man Lettering, and Do Not Crush drugs. Question 1 options: a)  Institute for Safe Medication Practices b)  Department of Health c)  Food and Drug Administration d)  Drug Enforcement Agency Question […]

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community pharmacy practice

20 questions Community Pharmacy Practice Question 1   (5 points)   _______ have a slightly greasy feel and will typically be compounded by adding powders or solutions to a base and then mixing them. Question 1 options: a)  Creams b)  Lotions c)  Gels d)  Ointments Question 2 (5 points)   According to the prescription, how many […]

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For your Final Project, you will be conducting a truncated community health systems analysis on the town in which you live. Generally, these analyses typically take months to complete, and the resulting final report can easily exceed 20 pages in length. As you do not have the benefit of that time, you will be conducting […]

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Aged Care

Just answer the scenarios  HLTAP301B Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context STUDENT ASSESSMENT CHCLEG001 Work legally and ethically ASSESSMENT SUMMARY / COVER SHEET ( This sheet is in the Student Assessment pack) This form is to be completed by the assessor and used a final record of student competency. All student submissions […]

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Can i write an article with my knowledge

  article An article is a challenging journalistic form that combines elements of reflection, feuilleton, gloss or commentary. The definition of an article is therefore not clear-cut, but in simplified terms, an article reflects on and evaluates a particular issue or frequently occurring phenomenon. In addition to a thorough analysis of the topic, articles should […]

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Anatomy and Physiology

   Discussion 2 41 UNIT 1: THE BODY AS A WHOLE. CHAPTER 4: BIOMOLECULES. CHAPTER 5: CELL STRUCTURE. CHAPTER 6: CELL FUNCTION. Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following: What food substances produce the most energy? Why are dietitians concerned with saturated and unsaturated fatty acids? List the three main structural components […]

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