Like many topics in special education, LRE must be determined by a team with the guidance provided by IDEA. There is not always a clear cut answer. As such, the field’s knowledge and understanding of LRE continue to develop. One major avenue to clarification is through the court system and legal findings. Decisions by Circuit, […]

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From the Achievement Gap to the Education Debt: Understanding Achievement in U.S Schools By Gloria Ladson-Billings

What does Ladson-Billings mean by the education debt? What are the different components of it? [Note, Ladson-Billings is talking about way more than funding, so if you’re only talking about money, you have not understood the whole article] [at least two paragraphs; make clear that you understand what Ladson-Billings is talking about] 

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assignment 2

Assessment Description Teachers must understand all atypical development, including students who present as gifted or talented at a young age. Teachers should know when to collaborate with other service providers, when to use enrichment techniques, and when to refer students for further testing, assessment, or gifted programs. Part 1 Compose a letter to the family […]

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Assignment 1 for week 7

Candidates must complete all programmatic requirements, including practicum/field experience hours defined in their coursework. Additional information about practicum/field experiences can be found on the Student Success Center. To earn credit for this assignment, all required course hours must be completed and submitted by the assignment due date. Access the Clinical Field Experience Verification Form in […]

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discussion 8

  Please respond to the following: Discuss why it’s important to understand the impact of extraneous cognitive load when designing instruction. Explain how your instructional message supports germane cognitive load. Be sure to include the title of your project and a brief description to provide your classmates with context for their responses. My topic is […]

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daughters homework help needed

Promoting Multicultural Education As schools become more diverse, strong emphasis is being placed on multiculturalism and culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy. Use at least three of the questions to guide an original post. Comment on the posts of at least two classmates. APA citations are required only in the original response. · What is the […]

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Assignment 2 & 3

 Assignment 2 – Theoretical Perspective and Literature Review    Assignment 3 – Purpose of the Study and Research Questions   Evidence of the Existence of the Local Problem Page 2 1. None of the information here supports the research problem. You need to find articles that provide evidence that many blind people do not use […]

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Ethical Climate

Leaders must be aware of the climate and culture in an organization to ensure the organization is adhering to ethical standards. You will complete a survey to determine the climate of your organization or one with which you are familiar. Write a 750-word analysis of the climate questionnaire in which you: · Explain why you […]

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r e s e a r.c h p a p e r- TRAVELING (SEVEN PARTS)

TRAVELING  My Progr am: SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Connections between Interests and Prog ram: How gas prices and airfare are affecting the costs  PART 1: C r e a t e and p o s t your o u t li n e for that p a p e r, making sure that you use c […]

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Illness Flyer

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review the  Illness Flyer example    Download Illness Flyer example . · Using the classroom age group Toddlers aged 1-3, create a flyer or poster to share with parents addressing the following standard: There is a clear plan for responding to illness, including how to decide whether a […]

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