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[Type the company name] [Type the company name] [Type the company name] REPLY TO THIS POST What is your general opinion about the author’s research findings?   Why did he go from an observer turned into that of a participant-observer? To the point where offends and other people from a police department thought he was […]

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see attachment  Homeland Security Hw the Homeland Security Advisory System First, begin by watching the following video: DHS Activates New Terror Warning System For your main post, Pick one of the two discussion questions below to answer in your HS Chat; please be sure to present research to support your discussion and document that research […]

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REPLY TO BOTH POST (1) Personally, I agree with true sentencing laws which require violent felons to carry out 100% of their sentencing. I also like the 3 strikes your out laws. I don’t think that violent offenders should get any slack. With that being said, I do think non-violent  possible should have some sort […]

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Chapter1 Use the information located on the Department of Justice (DOJ) website ( (Links to an external site.)  ) to answer the following questions: · What are some of the law enforcement agencies included within the DOJ? · What is the mission statement of the DOJ and these individual law enforcement agencies? · How does […]

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1-3 Module One Journal

Overview Loden’s Wheel, also called the Diversity Wheel , is considered an important theory in considering factors of diversity. Used in diversity trainings across the nation, the wheel provides a foundation for thinking about potential conflicts and identifying our blind spots. There are numerous versions and adaptations of Loden’s Wheel; the one selected for use […]

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Criminal Justice 5

  Types of Evidence Discussion: In this lesson, we have looked at the following types of evidence: direct, circumstantial, inculpatory, exculpatory, corroborative, witness, and hearsay evidence. Pick one (1) type of evidence for your discussion post. Define that type of evidence (including a citation) and then discuss what you believe is a challenging aspect of that […]

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DB Replies

Responding to a classmate’s thread requires both the addition of new ideas and analysis. A particular point made by the classmate must be addressed and built upon by your analysis in order to move the conversation forward. Thus, the reply is a rigorous assignment that requires you to build upon threads to develop deeper and […]

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criminal justice

due 8 pm est What were the effects of poverty, family problems, urban decay, inadequate education, teen pregnancy, and social conflict on your own development?  According to the author, these pressing problems put juveniles at risk for delinquency, do you agree?  Disagree?  What influenced your choices to resist or participate in delinquent behaviors? Write a  of […]

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Criminal investigation

   One of the main causes of wrongful convictions is eyewitness misidentifications. Investigators follow specific guidelines when they are conducting their investigation. However, this does not eliminate human error. Research a case where an eyewitness’ identification led to a suspect(s) wrongful conviction.  Describe the specifics of the case and the steps the defense team took […]

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The thread must be a minimum of 250 words. MINIMUM OF TWO SOURCES BESIDES THE TEXTBOOK. Must cite at least 2 sources in addition to the Bible. TEXTBOOK: Bennett, B. T. (2018). Understanding, assessing, and responding to terrorism: Protecting critical infrastructure and personnel (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 9781119237785. **JOHNATHAN** […]

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