Political Science

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i need help POSC 182E, Politics and Economic Policy Winter 2023 Professor Nick Weller Class Information Syllabus is also on Canvas/eLearn; please look at it for important dates and information There is a syllabus quiz posted that is due at the end of this week Assignments will become “live” before they are due Course announcements […]

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Policy Memo

 As a policy advisor to a the head of your Illinois state’s Energy office https://www.energy.gov/eere/femp/state-energy-offices-and-organizations     BRIEF summary of the existing policy Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the policy  Policy recommendation on how to improve the policy Analysis of the political implications of the policy recommendations.  Including who the agency head should […]

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reading response : repression and political control

 you are expected to write a short reading response .  Strategies of Survival: repression and political control – Hassan, Mai, Daniel Mattingly, and Elizabeth R. Nugent. “Political Control.” Annual Review of Political Science 25 (2022): 1-20. – Earl, Jennifer. “Political repression: Iron fists, velvet gloves, and diffuse control.” Annual review of sociology 37 (2011): 261-284. […]

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Journey of Sustainability

Pleaseincorporate these 4 words Endemic Species, Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiesel, and Clean Water Act into the assignment and underline each word. The Journey to Sustainability Imagine a future (probably a long time from now) in which human beings have achieved environmental sustainability on a global scale. That means that we as a species have figured out […]

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short response

Florida has three distinct heritages. Explain how each have influenced the development of Florida politics. 300-500 word count  Florida’s Historic Developments Historic Development 1565-1890 Florida’s Three Heritages: Spanish Heritage Frontier Heritage Southern Heritage Spanish Spanish Empire: Borderlands La Florida San Agustin (1565) Pensacola (1698) Strategic Defense Little Economic Development Magnet for anti-British activities Runaway slaves […]

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2000 words internship report

I want a report like the sample, and what happen to me is in the logbook. Thisis a copy of an excellent student report. The student engages very effectively with a before and after SWOT Analysis. However, there is one major weakness. The student did not include subheadings. You should finesse these subheadings from the […]

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Did the court decide for the plaintiff or the defendant?

 A. Summary of the Case In one or two paragraphs, provide a general overview of the case that serves as a snapshot of what the case is about and how it ended up in your state high court. A summary is using your words to write a brief history of the case. Do not give […]

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 After reading this week’s articles reflect on the different theories to understand why countries develop differently.  Which theory resonates the most with you and why?  Which theory seems to explain less about why countries develop differently.  Compare and contrast these two theories and discuss the strengths and weakness of these two theories. Be sure to […]

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2000 words internship logbook

hello  I have worked for my home country embassy in Vienna and I want someone to write a logbook about it. see the attachments I have worked for two months in Saudi Embassy in Vienna Logbook The logbook is comprised of eight logs of 250 words each, a total of 2000 words. It is recommended […]

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China’s New Women’s Protection Law (focus on Eliminate gender discrimination in the hiring process)

Policy analysis China’s New Women’s Protection Law (focus on Eliminate gender discrimination in the hiring process) Write 1800+ words Part 1: Choose a policy to analyze. Stage I – Describe the policy in detail. Stage II – Identify the problem and review some of the literature; how is the problem framed Stage III – Policy […]

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