CC Identifying your Heart Rate Lab Report

  • Download the attached document, fill in your blanks with the corresponding information.
  • Take your resting heart rate before exercise. Participate in cardiovascular exercise of your choice, for 30 minutes. Take your heart rate again immediately after you stop.
  • Include in section number 3: Describe your aerobic fitness response using a paragraph of 200 words.
  • Describe: What do the numbers show you about your PERSONAL fitness level, your fitness goals, and how do they relate to YOU? Are you working at a challenging enough intensity (60%, 75%) etc. Do you need to work out with less intensity to meet your fitness goals? Are you an athlete and working towards improved sports performance?
  • Make sure you submit your calculations (the attached document)  with your paragraph
  • Activity #4:
    Listen to Lecture recording for Week 10 before doing this activity will
    be most helpful!
    Identifying your Heart Rate: What does it mean?

    The objective of this activity will give you information about your heart rate, so you have
    a baseline of information to improve your fitness goals.

    The second objective is to understand whether or not you need to lower or increase
    your intensity of exercise, depending on your aerobic fitness goals. (ie weight loss,
    increase sports performance, prepare for a 10K).

    The math calculations will give you a number showing you

    a) your low intensity range of heart beats per minute and

    b) your high intensity range of heart beats per minute, which you might expect for your
    age and fitness level after a session of aerobic exercise.

    Take your heart rate at rest for a baseline

    Calculate what range you need to be in (approximately) to meet your goals.

    Optional: Take a brisk walk, treadmill, jog for 30-45 minutes. Take your pulse (HR) again,
    by stopping briefly. See Chart Below.
    1) Resting Heart Rate (RHR). How many beats per minute does your heart beat at rest? Listen
    to the Utube video and take your resting pulse, by counting the beats per minute. Your
    personal number should fall into the 60-70 beats per minute range. This will be considered your
    baseline for today.
    2) To estimate your heart-rate range, use the following formulas. Find your HR (Heart Rate) for
    Moderate and Maximum effort in an aerobic session:
    Example: 220 – ____ [your age] = ___ X.75 here {Subtract your age from 220}
    After you subtract, then multiply the answer by X.75 or .60 or .90 etc.
    Heart rate at the bottom of moderate= First: 220 – ___ [your age] =_____x .60 = _______
    Heart rate at the top of moderate = 220 – ____ [age] x .75 = ________
    Heart rate at the bottom of vigorous = 220 – ____ [age] x .75 =______
    Heart rate at the top of vigorous = 220 – [age] x. 90) =_________
    3) Use the number(s) you find and look at the chart below: Exercise Zones to find out what
    ranges your numbers fall into. Write a paragraph or two to describe how you see yourself in
    relation to the numbers on the chart. Since this is an online class, It may be unrealistic to expect
    all student will actually jog, walk, bike, etc. for 30 min. and take their heart rate. So, I’ve given
    students an option here. IF you don’t think you will realistically try an exercise session for this
    assignment, then complete the math calculations and let me know what you THINK you may
    need to improve…intensity, duration, etc. to meet your personal fitness goals.
    IF you like to exercise, your health is not an issue, take your heart rate when you’re resting right
    before you exercise. Then, complete a round of cardio of your choice for 30 min. Immediately
    after you stop, take your heart rate again (take your pulse) and calculate your numbers. Write
    them down. Look at the chart. Describe what zone(s) you fall into, and write about whether or
    not you are meeting your personal exercise goals. Are you doing too little, too much? Were you
    winded? Did you have to stop? Not intense enough or could you work out longer? For
    If you’re trying to lose weight do you need to increase your intensity? If you’re an athlete and
    trying to improve your sports performance, do you need to increase your intensity? Decrease?

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