Chamberlain University Influences of Ancient Architecture Discussion

Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Textbook: Chapter 6

Lesson 2

Initial Post InstructionsThis week you will read about architecture. The lesson includes information on Roman architecture, which was greatly influenced by the Greeks and Etruscans.

  • Locate at least two architectural works that were influenced by Greco-Roman architecture. These can be from any time period after the Greco-Roman period but should be from different periods themselves (e.g., one from Renaissance and one from Baroque). Then address the following:
  • What is the function of each structure?
  • How does each work exhibit influence of the Greco-Roman period? Is the influence specifically Greek, Etruscan, or Roman – or a combination?

    How would you compare the two selected works? Take the role of the evaluative critic.

    Use examples from the text, the lesson, and the library to help support your answer. Please remember to provide images and citations to help illustrate your points.

    Follow-Up Post InstructionsRespond to at least one peer. Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification.

    I will need two relays as well please, I’m including one of the team answers, will upload the second one tomorrow, thank you.

    1- Pofessor Ford and class,“Architecture, as opposed to mere engineering, is the creative conservation of space” (Martin, 2018, p. 122). No one knew how to do that better than the Romans. Not only did their structures provide a purpose, but they were beautiful, interesting, and could provide a good topic of conversation. They were something you could admire while using. The Renaissance period began in the 1400s in Italy before ethe Baroque period which began later in the 1600s. (K.M, 2011) these two periods had unique differences.The Tempietto of San Pietro in Rome was a beautiful church built in the renaissance period. It was constructed in 1510 by Bramante out of bearing masonry. It was built where it was believed that Saint Peter was crucified. The temple had a circular design and had 16 elegant columns. The circle like shape was considered the most appropriate for a church due to a circle being the most elite of geometrical forms (Cartwright, 2020). While this structure was indeed a church, its function was to be a monument marking the place where Saint Peter died. (Tempietto, n.d.) This building was influenced more by Roman style due to its circular shape surrounded by columns.From the Baroque period, the Trevi Fountain is another architectural work of art that was completed in 1736 and also stands in Rome. This structure consists of a large rectangular basin. Within it lies structures of reefs and cliffs. Upon them are statues of mermen, aquatic horses, and the Sea-God Oceanus atop the center. The statues were made of marble while the cliffs and reefs were made of a beautiful stone (The Trevi Fountain, n.d.). It was built as a basin to hold water at the end of an aqueduct. The aqueduct was built to supply water to Roman baths (The Incredible history of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, n.d.).As an evaluative critic the Trevi fountain is the more visually appealing of the two structures while the Tempietto is more functional. The Tempietto was purposed as being a monument, could serve a functional purpose as a church. The Trevi fountain has a more complex design with its detailed statues and features. The stone and marble also add more touch of beauty than that of the masonry used to build the Tempietto.

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