Evaluation of Smoking Cessation Health and Wellness Program Proposal

Proposal: Program Introduction and Background

Effective evaluation is critical to the effectiveness and success of a health and wellness education program. It provides a pathway for determining stakeholder satisfaction and continuous improvement. In the Module 1 Analysis assignment, you will select an existing health and wellness education program to serve as the focus of a minimum 10-page evaluation proposal. You may choose a program in your workplace, the community, a school, or other setting. In this course, you will only construct the proposal; you will not implement it.

Your goal in this assignment is to introduce and provide background (history) for a health and wellness education program in a workplace, community, school, or other setting. This assignment will serve as an initial analysis of the program and the introduction to your minimum 10-page program evaluation proposal.

  • Use the Program Evaluation Proposal Outline (linked above) as a guide as you introduce and analyze the program, provide background/history of the program, and describe stakeholder engagement, including the target population served by the program.
  • Complete:
  • Program introduction, description, and history (1 page)

    Stakeholder engagement, including a description of the target population and its demographics and need (3 paragraphs plus the table)

    A Proposal for an Evaluation of [Health and Wellness Education Program Name]
    [Author Name]
    [Instructor Name]
    Your Title Goes Here
    Write and introduction paragraph here that starts your paper.
    Program Description and History

    What is the history of the selected health and wellness education program?

    What is the identified need for the program you are evaluating?

    What are the overall goals and outcomes of the program?

    How are the goals and outcomes currently measured?

    What are the program’s major educational activities?

    What context/environment exists for the program to be evaluated
    Stakeholder Engagement

    Who are the stakeholders for this evaluation? (Identify at least three sets of stakeholders:
    (1) Individuals in charge of program operations, (2) target population served by the
    program including demographics and need addressed by program, and individuals who
    will use the evaluation findings.)

    What role will they play in developing this evaluation plan?

    How do you plan to engage these stakeholders when implementing the evaluation plan
    (e.g., participate in collecting data, help to interpret findings)?
    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Add cells as needed)
    Stakeholder Group
    Interest or
    Role in the
    How and When to
    Purpose and Logic Model
    For this section of the evaluation proposal, you will identify the evaluation purpose and
    develop a logic model (graphical depiction) of the program you plan to evaluate. The logic
    model will provide information on inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes. A logic model
    template is provided through a link on the assignment page. You will also address the proposed
    timeline and potential evaluation budget.
    Evaluation Purpose

    What is the purpose of this evaluation?

    How will findings from the evaluation be used?
    Thinking Through a Logic Model

    What resources are available to support the program being evaluated (e.g., staff,
    money, space, time, partnerships, technology, etc.)?

    What specific activities are undertaken (or planned) to achieve the outcomes?

    What products (e.g., materials, units of services delivered) are produced by your staff
    as a result of the activities performed?

    What are the program’s intended outcomes (intended outcomes are short-term,
    intermediate, or long-term)?

    What do you ultimately want to change as a result of your activities (long-term

    What occurs between your activities and the point at which you see these ultimate
    outcomes (short-term and intermediate outcomes)?
    Proposed Timeline

    In what timeframe will the evaluation occur?

    When will significant events, such as formal data collection, data analysis,
    information dissemination, take place?

    Are there any foreseeable bottlenecks or sequencing issues?
    Potential Evaluation Budget

    What is the estimated cost for this evaluation?

    Where will the monetary and other resources originate to support the evaluation?
    Evaluation Design
    This section provides information on how you will design your evaluation. Provide
    information on evaluation questions, stakeholder information needs emerging from the
    evaluation, and the evaluation design.
    Evaluation Design

    Which approach do you intend to use to design the program evaluation? (ProgramOriented, Decision-Making, or other? You may research and select another design.)

    Why did you select this design?

    How does the logic model you developed support the selected approach?
    Overall Evaluation Goals

    What specific questions do you intend to answer through this evaluation? (State 1-3

    Use the SMART goal procedure to formulate 1-3 measurable goals or outcomes for the
    evaluation aligned to the questions you intend to answer.
    Data Collection
    This section provides information on how you will collect/compile data for the proposed
    evaluation. Provide information on methods by which you will collect/compile data, and how
    those methods are related to the evaluation questions you identified.
    Data Collection

    What data will be collected/compiled to answer the evaluation questions?

    What methods will be used to collect or acquire the data? (e.g., interviews, surveys,
    questionnaires, existing/secondary data, etc.)

    How will self-evaluation be incorporated into data collection activities?

    From whom or from what will data be collected (source of data)?

    How will the data be protected?
    Reliability, Validity, and Ethics

    When selecting your evaluation methodology, how will you address reliability, validity,
    and ethical considerations?
    Data Analysis and Interpretation
    In this section, provide information on indicators and standards you will use to judge
    success, how you will analyze your evaluation findings, and how you will interpret and justify
    your conclusions.
    Indicators and Standards

    What are some measurable or observable elements that can tell you about the
    performance of the program being evaluated?

    What constitutes “success”? (i.e., by what standards will you compare your evaluation

    What method will you use to analyze your data?

    Who will you involve in drawing, interpreting, and justifying conclusions?

    What are your plans to involve them in this process?
    Use, Communication, and Evaluation
    This section provides information about how information from the evaluation plan
    process and results will be used and shared and how the evaluation itself will be evaluated.

    What actions will be taken to promote evaluation use?

    How will evaluation findings be used?

    Who is responsible for implementing evaluation recommendations?

    Which evaluation stakeholders will you communicate with and why (e.g., update on
    status of evaluation, invite to meetings, share interim or final findings)?

    What methods (e.g., in-person meetings, emails, written reports, presentations) will you
    use to communicate with evaluation stakeholders?

    Why are these methods appropriate for the specific evaluation stakeholder audience of
    Evaluating the Evaluation

    How will you evaluate the evaluation? (Instruments? Stakeholder input? Data analysis?)
    In this section, develop a References page in APA format. Template citations for a journal article
    and website, respectively, are provided below.
    Author, A., & Author, B. (date). Title of document. Journal Title, Volume(Issue) page–page.
    Author, B., Author, C., & Author, D. D. (Year, Month Date). Title of content. Website Name.

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