FIU Language Variation in The Writing of African American Students Discussion

Read and analyze the article : Language Variation in the Writing of African American Students: Factors predicting reading achievement.

Complete a written reflection about the article in the discussion board, including:

a summary including what you learned from the article,

your opinion on the topic discussed

and how it is pertinent to your role as a Speech and Language Pathologist.

Albizu University
Miami Campus
Master’s Program in Speech-Language Pathology
Discussion Board Rubric
Student Name: _________________________________________
Excellent (3pts)
Average (2pt)

Makes a reflection and uses thoughtful, reflective,
and respectful feedback on two peers comments.
• Either makes a reflection or gives feedback
on at least one peer’s comments.

The student reflected and provided significant ideas
relevant to the issue under discussion. This is
indicated by correct use of terminology, precise
selection of the pieces of information required to
make a point, correct and appropriate use of
examples/counterexamples, demonstrations of
which distinctions are important to make, and
explanations that are concise and to the point.
Information and knowledge are accurate.
The student elaborates on statements with accurate
explanations, reasons, or evidence.
The student quotes and cites examples.
• Ideas are correct but not concise.
• Contributions to the group are generally
supported by some facts, examples,
analogies, statistics, and so forth, but
further support is needed to defend
• Quotes are poorly cited.
The student initiates the dialogue with thoughtful and
reflective comments and questions.
The student acknowledges the statements of others in
a way that builds a communicative exchanges
between participants.
Replies to others’ are related to their statement(s) and
indicate that the student understands.

with peers

The student attends to the discussion but
contributes little new knowledge or ideas.
The student’s contributions do not draw
away from the discussions.
The student participates in the group but
does little to involve others or encourage
others to think critically.
No se cumplió (0 pt.)
• Did not post a reflection or
give feedback to a peer’s
• The student does not
demonstrate understanding of
the content.
• The student struggles to
provide details or support for
• Ideas/comments are difficult to
• The student has difficulty
understanding concepts and
distinguishing between main
ideas and supporting details.
• Terminology is used
• The student does not
contribute to the discussion.
• The student’s input is limited
(i.e. “I agree”).
• Discussion does not take into
consideration the
ideas/comments of the others’
post; there is little attempt at
exchanging of ideas.


When disagreeing, the student does it respectfully.
The nature of the disagreement is stated and an
invitation to respond is extended.
The student encourages a variety of points of view.
The student uses precise vocabulary and syntax.
Words and syntax are purposefully chosen to
demonstrate a point.
The student uses language that demonstrates the
understanding of the topic being discussed.
The student defines or clearly explains language or
concepts that might be unfamiliar to others; the
student knows when such explanations might be
The student demonstrate no grammatical or
typographical errors.
Gives feedback on two peers comments by due
Total Score:
________ / 15 pts
• The student uses general vocabulary and
tends to express ideas wordily.
• The student has some grammatical and/or
typographical errors.
Gives feedback on one peer’s comments by
due date/time.
• The student makes irrelevant
or distracting statements.
• Some comments are
unconstructive and noncourteous.
• The student makes a personal
attack; language might
suggest bias toward a group
member or others.
• The student appears unaware
of cultural differences in
conducting discussions.
• Vocabulary selected are
vague, abstract, or trite.
• The student frequently has
grammatical and/or
typographical errors.
• Ideas appear
disproportionately lengthy
and are difficult to follow.
Does not submit work or
feedback on peer’s comments by
the due date/time.

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