FMUJSL Healthcare Ethics Essay

The students will complete a Case study tasks that contribute the opportunity to produce and apply the thoughts learned in this and previous coursework to examine a real-world scenario. This scenario will illustrate through example the practical importance and implications of various roles. Base on Chapter 9


Florida National University
PHI1635 Biomedical Ethics: Assignment Week 5
Case Study: Chapter 9
Objective: The students will complete a Case study tasks that contribute the opportunity to produce and
apply the thoughts learned in this and previous coursework to examine a real-world scenario. This
scenario will illustrate through example the practical importance and implications of various roles and
functions of a long-term care settings. As a result of this assignment, students will be better able to
comprehend, scrutinize and assess respectable superiority and performance by all institutional employees.
Students will critically measure the readings from Chapter 9 in your textbook. This assignment is
planned to help you examination, evaluation, and apply the readings and strategies to your of a
long-term care settings
You need to read the PowerPoint Presentation assigned for week 5 and develop a 3-4 page paper
reproducing your understanding and capability to apply the readings to your long-term care
settings. Each paper must be typewritten with 12-point font and double-spaced with standard
margins. Follow APA Style 7th edition format when referring to the selected articles and include
a reference page.
1. Introduction (25%) Provide a brief synopsis of the meaning (not a description) of each
Chapter and articles you read, in your own words that will apply to the case study presented.
2. Your Critique (50%)
Case study: Supporting job applications from disabled people: improving confidence and
work experience for disabled people – Frimley Park Hospital
In its employment equality compliance report for 2015/2016, the Frimley Park Hospital NHS
Foundation Trust (the Trust) noted that it had received fewer job applications from disabled
people than might be expected, given that eight percent of the population in its catchment area is
estimated to have a disability.
Although disability is generally underreported among applicants in the job market, the Trust felt
that a specific commitment was needed in order to encourage more disabled people to apply for
jobs at the Trust. Mindful of the specific duties (under the Public Sector Equality Duty), the
hospital defined the following objective to fulfil this aim:
Work with organizations such as the Shaw Trust to place disabled people with the aim of
developing skills and confidence to support long-term employment prospects. This includes
provision of support for applying for permanent posts within the organization.
In 2015/2016, the hospital contacted the Shaw Trust to ask for curriculum vitae of disabled
people who were looking for work placements. The Shaw Trust put forward three curriculum
vitae and the hospital identified placements that would best suit the skills of these individuals.
Assistance with job applications/interviews was given at the end of the placements so that the
three individuals could apply for temporary and permanent positions within the Trust.
In 2015/16, the Trust reported the following progress: out of the three disabled people appointed
through Shaw Trust on work placements, two have now been appointed as temporary staff, and
one to a permanent post.
The work placements at the hospital made a significant difference to the lives of those involved.
In particular, it has enabled participants to gain skills and confidence to apply for jobs
afterwards. One participant stated that it has enabled him to demonstrate his skills in a real
workplace which gave him the confidence to apply for a permanent post in the Trust. ‘At the
interview, I could talk about real work skills I had developed in my placement, something I had
previously been unable to do’.
The hospital is still working with the Shaw Trust to continue providing more disabled people
with potential job opportunities in the coming years.
1. What are Health Inequities?
2. How Assessing Health Status?
3. What Are Health Inequities
3. Conclusion (15%)
Briefly summarize your thoughts & conclusion to your critique of the case study and provide a
possible outcome for Equality and Inequality in American Health Care in a Health ethics
Evaluation will be based on how clearly you respond to the above, in particular:
a) The clarity with which you critique the case study;
b) The depth, scope, and organization of your paper; and,
c) Your conclusions, including a description of the impact of these Case study on any Health
Care Setting.
The assignment is to be electronically posted in the Assignments Link on Blackboard no later
than noon on Sunday, April 05, 2020.
Assignments Guidelines
1 Points
2.5 Points
Your Case Study Critique
6 Points
1.5 Points
11 points
90% – 100%
85% – 89%
80% – 84%
75% – 79%
70% – 74%
60% – 69%
50% – 59% Or less.
Dr. Gisela Llamas
Chapter Nine
Ethics and Safe
Patient Handing
and Mobility
Extent of the Problem
• Safe Patient Handing and Mobility (SPHM) is a
concern for patients, family members, and
healthcare professionals.
• SPHM involves safety when lifting, re-positioning,
and transferring patients.
• Formal issue of concern since the 1980s
Barriers to SPHM
• Implementation of best practices is limited by:
• Lack of knowledge.
• Perceptions of the use of equipment.
• Gender of the caregivers.
• Equipment.
Problem Solving
• There is a need to further SPHM by influencing the
work culture.
• Costs of programs is a concern, but programs save
money and prevent injury.
• State legislation will assist.
• Professional association campaigns address issues.
Ethical Concerns
• Nonmaleficence is a major ethics application for
• Nonmaleficience is also a cardinal ethics principle
for healthcare providers.
• Using evidence-based practices can prevent
Ethical Concerns
• Nonmaleficence also includes educating patients
and family members on SPHM to prevent harm.
• Changing systems and making appropriate
referrals are also part of nonmaleficence.
Ethical Concerns
• Beneficence is also an ethics concern in SPHM.
• It means that do the best for others.
• Beneficence includes maintaining the dignity of
• Beneficence also goes beyond the patient to
include the family members.
Ethical Concerns
• Beneficence includes concern for staff members.
• It is beneficent to prevent the staff injury by
using SPHM.
• Preventing injury also includes ethical
• SPHM practices honor the dignity and value of
patient, family, and staff.
Ethical Concerns
• Social justice is also included in SPHM practices.
• SPHM practices decrease the possibility of injury,
which reduces costs of worker’s compensation,
insurance, and staff replacement costs.
In Summary…

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