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This assignment continues with the scenario from the Week 3 assignment. You will explain how goal setting and feedback are used to motivate a team. A goal is a desired result that you envision for your team and organizational success. Goal-setting helps you break down the things you want to achieve into more manageable steps so that you can gauge your progress. Feedback should be corrective or affirmative and should be delivered using the best method.


As you recall, Hometown Cars has been struggling to meet profit margins in all three of their departments (new car sales, used car sales, service and parts). As the general manager, you decide to set a new long-term goal for the sales teams to increase car sales by 10% over the next year.


This assignment contains two parts. In Part 1, you will apply goal-setting techniques. In Part 2, you will plan for delivering feedback to your team as they try to achieve the goals. Finally, you will submit both parts as PowerPoint slides according to the instructions outlined below.

Part 1. Goal Setting

1. Set short-term goals that the team must accomplish to achieve the company long-term goal. Include one monthly, one weekly, and one daily goal for your sales teams.

2. Develop a means to monitor progress toward those goals that will motivate the new and used car sales teams to meet those goals.

For example, if a grocery store’s monthly goal is to sell 10 cases of bananas, their weekly goal might be selling one case of bananas by running a buy-one-get-one-free banana sale. To do this, the grocery manager might promote the sale in the weekly flyer and set up a banana-sale display in the store. The grocery manager will then provide a poster in the employee break room that visually tracks the daily and weekly progress so the employees can share in the success and further promote the banana sales with customers in order to reach the long-term goal of 10 cases sold.

Part 2. Feedback

1. Imagine that one month has passed with the new goals in place. Prepare feedback slides to use in the future, in which you will respond to the measures of progress you defined.

2. Design feedback for both situations: the team is meeting the goals or it is not. Acting as the general manager, use the eight steps for providing corrective and affirmative feedback to write out the feedback you would deliver for each of the scenarios.

Part 3. Slide Presentation

1. Prepare a 6–8 slide PowerPoint presentation for your team. Refer to 

PowerPoint/Slideshow – Strayer Writing Standards (SWS)

 for guidance. You should include a title slide, an introduction slide, and a conclusion slide, in addition to the 6–8 content slides.

2. Part 1 of the presentation covers goal setting, in which you share the long-term and short-term goals and what the sales teams will need to specifically do to achieve them. (For a refresher on backwards planning, refer to Week 4, the Week 4 assignment, and your feedback on the assignment). Use speaker notes to provide explanation and clarification as needed.

3. Part 2 covers feedback. Prepare two slides as described above, one which would apply if the team is successful, and the other if the team is not. Label one slide Corrective Feedback and the other slide Affirmative Feedback. Add speaker notes to both of these slides, in which you explain the type of feedback, the method used to deliver it, and why you have chosen it. Use the appropriate terms covered in the Week 6 Coach’s Huddle. Add 2–3 sentences sharing why this feedback would be motivational.


Week 3 Assignment: Investing in Your Team

Types of Investment

Recall the types of investment you studied in the course. Use them in this assignment.

· Growth Mindset:  Growth mindset means you believe that you can improve (or “grow”) abilities such as intelligence, talent, and skills through hard work and self-discipline.

· Job-sculpting:  Job-sculpting means developing an employee’s role so that their work duties match what they are passionate about; what interests them.

· Work Flexibility:
 Work flexibility means allowing employees to work when and where is best for them, if they get the job done.


Assuming the role of General Manager of Hometown Cars, you have talked to the Hometown Cars employees one-on-one to see how they feel about their current work environment. For each of the employee observations, write a response in which you choose a type of investment and explain how it will improve the situation described in the observation. Explain whether the type of investment recommended leads to intrinsic motivation or extrinsic motivation. Be sure to include details from your approach to justify your response.

This example is provided to get you started.


Your assistant manager, Jorge, shows potential for being a general manager. One day he mentions that he really enjoys the financial side of managing. 

General Manager Recommendation

Job sculpting was the motivational investment selected to use with Jorge. Because of his interest in the financial side of managing, developing his role so he can highlight his passion and interest in finance is a worthy investment. To do that, Jorge will be given the opportunity to take ownership of tracking invoices for the company. Being given the task of tracking invoices intrinsically motivates Jorge to dedicate himself to the continued success of the company. By diversifying his skill set and developing new skills, he will become a better candidate for a promotion. He will also be motivated to do well because he knows that by performing his best, he will have a better chance at a promotion and the job security that comes along with it. 

Write a response for each observation beginning under the label, General Manager Recommendation. Submit your completed responses in this document to the Week 3 assignment.

Observation 1

· Employees tell you there does not appear to be the option for personal career development at Hometown Cars. For instance, competition within the sales department prevents seasoned sales associates from mentoring new sales associates, and the company does not offer any formal training.

General Manager Recommendation

Under this, the opportunity for growth needed is the growth mindset. As seen in the description by the employees, they need to be given the opportunity to lead their own personal and professional growth journeys. Adopting a growth mindset is beneficial for the employee’s motivation since they can understand that their abilities can be improved by focusing on their skill by incorporating effort and hard work. Hometown can actualize this by providing training programs established by and paid for by the organization to grow the skills of its workers. The training can be done from within the organization, or they can outsource trainers from outside for the sake of their employees. In addition, seasoned sales associated should take the responsibility for the mentorship of new and inexperienced employees and allow them to practice and learn from their expertise. Providing mentorship and training programs for the employees will be an intrinsic motivation where they can improve their skills and take an interest in their career development.

Observation 2

· A few of the sales associates have emphasized that they are car enthusiasts and take a genuine interest in how the cars they sell perform. However, because of the animosity between departments, they have never been allowed to really explore the cars they sell.

General Manager Recommendation

These employees are recommended the investment in job sculpting. Going forward, the company needs to allow the car enthusiasts in the sale department an opportunity within their job structures to explore the cars. The employees will be able, as per the provisions of the organization to be set, to drive test and examine the performance of the cars. Further to this, Hometown can go further and organize events for the competition which entails rewarding employees depending on their knowledge of the features of the cars. Such a move is not only an opportunity but an added advantage for the organization as customers meet the employees for a unique selling opportunity in which they get to understand better the functionalities of the cars. There are great opportunities for employees to live their passion when an organization allows matching or pairing the jobs with the passion of the various employees. This situation also leads to intrinsic motivation. Job sculpting investment is also an opportunity for a supportive work environment, collaboration, and employee synergies.

Observation 3

· Employees share that they are stressed because it feels like there is little opportunity to take care of important personal issues – like keeping up with doctor’s appointments and attending their children’s school functions.

General Manager Recommendation

The best strategy to use is work flexibility. It will allow the employee’s autonomy and control over their work schedules since, as explained, the employees feel they have no time for their personal issues. This includes allowing them some off time and work remotely, an opportunity to have or work on their personal matters. The introduction of paid leave programs will be key since they can take leave even without their salaries being affected. These events make the employees feel valued by the organization in terms of their well-being, which is a form of intrinsic motivation. In addition to these advantages, investment in work flexibility allows the organization to retain top talent.

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