HCS 475 UOPX Wk 5 Problem Analysis and Solution Implementation Summary

Review your graded Problem Analysis Worksheet, and select one of the solutions you proposed in the Problem Analysis worksheet.

Write a 350- to 700-word summary memo explaining why your solution will be effective in resolving the change/conflict, how you propose to implement the solution, and your role as a leader to manage conflict and create an effective work environment.

Include the following in your summary:

Summarize the problem and the solution you propose to implement.

Analyze why you think the solution will be effective.

  • Analyze what needs to be considered when implementing the proposed solution.
  • Analyze the leadership style that best fits in this situation.
  • Analyze the leader’s role in managing the conflict.
  • What is your role as a leader and how would you manage this conflict?
  • Explain the leader’s role in creating an effective work group when implementing the proposed solution.
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    Problem Analysis and Solution Implementation
    Insert Your Name Here
    University of Phoenix
    February 15, 2021
    Sara Dee
    Problem Analysis and Solution Implementation
    This is where you will write your introduction – the first paragraph of your paper needs to
    tell the reader what you will be covering in your paper.
    “Tell ‘em what you’re gonna tell ‘em” (the introduction)
    “Tell ‘em” (the body of the paper)
    “Tell ‘em what you told ‘em” (the conclusion)
    Standard paragraphs must be four to five sentences in length. Avoid starting your paper
    with direct quotes or definitions from online dictionaries. Use the below level one headings
    (these are taken from each bullet in the instructions) to write about the problem and solution you
    propose to implement, why the solution will be effective, what to consider when implementing
    the solution, analyze the leadership style that best fits the solution, the leader’s role in conflict
    management (including your role as a leader, and how you would manage the conflict), and the
    leader’s role in creating an effective work group when implementing the solution. Remember to
    double-space throughout your paper and indent the first line of each paragraph ½” from the left
    The Problem and Proposed Solution
    Outline the problem from the case study you used in the Week 4 Problem Analysis
    Worksheet. Select one of the solutions you proposed and outline the details of that solution.
    Why the Solution is Effective
    Explain why your chosen solution is effective for the organization, to include examples
    of how the solution will create positive effects for the employees and organization.
    What to Consider with Solution Implementation
    Outline what needs to be considered when implementing your chosen solution, i.e. hiring
    or terminating staff, training more employees, changing policies (all examples).
    Best Leadership Style for the Situation
    Review your readings and assignments that relate to leadership styles. Which style suits
    this situation?
    Leader’s Role in Conflict Management
    Problems may involve conflict within an organization or between individuals. Think
    about how a leader manages conflict as it relates to this scenario.
    My Role as a Leader and Managing Conflict
    What is your role as a leader and how you manage conflict? How would you manage
    conflict in this scenario?
    Leader’s Role in Creating an Effective Work Group
    Remember that problem analysis, solving, and solution implementation often require the
    creation of an effective work group. Review your content from Week 3 and outline a leader’s
    role in creating an effective work group.
    Use four to five sentences that briefly outline each section of your summary memo.
    Remember – “tell ‘em what you told ‘em”. Your conclusion is the summary of everything you
    wrote in your paper.
    Lawton, K. A., Cousineau, L., & Hillard, V. E. (2001). Plagiarism: Its nature and consequences.
    Duke University. http://www.lib.duke.edu/libguide/plagarism.htm
    Sigel, T. (2009). How passive voice weakens your scholarly argument. Journal of Management
    Development, 28(5), 478-480. https://doi.org/10.1108/02621710910955994
    Strunk, W., Jr. (1999). Elementary principles of composition: Omit needless words. In The
    elements of style. http://www.bartelby.com/141/strunk5.html#13 (Original work
    published 1918)
    References / Reference Page Tips
    Remember that references must be listed in alphabetical order. There is no minimum
    reference count for this assignment. Follow the format above when using references (these
    are examples from the APA-7 Sample Paper). Also, use the Reference & Citation
    Generator (located in the Center for Writing Excellence) for guidance on formatting in-text
    Special Notes
    Make sure you delete the sample information from this template. When I grade your
    paper, I will paste the grading information on the next page following your conclusion.

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