HIM 500 SNHU Technology System Recommendations Essay

** only Milestone 3 is required **

HIM 500 Project Guidelines and Rubric
Practitioners in health information management and healthcare informatics are expected to be keenly aware of new and upcoming technologies that might
benefit their organization. This becomes more complex as these individuals must also consider the impact that those technologies might have on the practice of
medicine at their institution. When faced with new technologies, leaders in health information management must evaluate the state of the organization and
make an informed decision that will affect the organization as a whole. This means addressing not just the needs of the health information management team,
but the needs of all roles within the institution, while also addressing any issues of compliance the organization might be facing.
For your project in this course, you will imagine you have been hired as a contractor for a small medical facility to consult on the selection of a new technology.
Their organization has been struggling, so you must first speak to the state of the organization and then offer an informed recommendation as to which of the
technologies would suit the organization best. In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

Determine standard technology systems and their uses in modern healthcare institutions through analysis of current and historical technology use in
health information management and healthcare informatics
Analyze the interrelationship between various professional roles within healthcare institutions and their use of technology systems for informing
recommendations regarding health information technology systems
Determine the potential impact of violating health regulations and laws regarding health information technology systems on healthcare
Develop health information technology recommendations for healthcare institutions that are compliant with health regulations and laws and ensure
ethical management of health information
Determine effective investment of resources in health information technology for healthcare institutions based on the needs of the healthcare
Imagine you have been contracted to consult on the recent developments at the Featherfall Medical Center. Featherfall has been struggling of late; it has had
a series of problems that have prompted your hiring. It has faced the following issues:
1. Featherfall has recently violated several government regulations regarding the current state of its technology and how it is being used. The technology
system is vastly out of date, and staff are not always using the technology that is in place or they are using the technology inappropriately. These
problems have lost the institution lots of money for not meeting government regulations and have caused operational and ethical problems from
inefficient and ineffective use of technology.
2. The staff at Featherfall are not well-trained on the use of technology and do not communicate appropriately about technology use. The roles that
pertinent to your consult are the health information management team, the clinical staff (doctors, nurses, etc.), and administrative staff. The health
information management team uses proper coding practices, and the current technology system serves them well, despite its age. However, other roles
in the hospital have had issues with the system. Clinical staff, for instance, have had record-keeping issues both due to lack of training on the system and
the system itself being out of date. Administrative staff within the organization have taken issue with the lack of communication about the technology
and its use between the various roles. When the current technology system was chosen many years ago, the needs of these various roles were not
You will begin by preparing for your consultation. You will analyze the history of the field as well as determine standard guidelines for technology use and
standard technologies used in the field. You will also prepare information for Featherfall regarding the ramifications for violating health laws and
regulations. Finally, you will use this information to review technology options that could be implemented at the institution.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
Technology System Recommendations: In this final section of your final project, you will review the provided technology options and make informed
recommendations to the organization regarding which technology it should choose.
A. Determine the needs of the various roles of the organization in a new technology.
B. Recommend a new health information technology system that meets the following criteria. Be sure to justify how your recommendations meet
the criteria. The new health technology must:
1. Abide by provided health regulations and laws
2. Align with the needs of all staff members of the previously described organization
3. Ensure the ethical management and use of health information
C. Determine how the organization could more effectively invest its financial resources into the recommended technology system. Be sure to
justify your response.
D. Determine how the organization could monitor the use of the new health information system. Be sure to justify your response.
E. Determine how the organization could effectively invest its time into the implementation of the new health information technology system.
Besure to justify your response.
Milestone Three: submit your recommendations for technology for the institution and how it will be implemented.
This milestone will be gradedwith the Milestone Three Rubric.

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