HIMS 661 UMGC EHR Implementation Phase II Step 3 Project

Step3: Project Communication means and schedule (due week 6 by Tuesday mid-night).

Project communication is exchange of the project-specific information to keep the project team and the stakeholders on the same page and keep them abreast of the latest developments in the implementation. It is one of the essential skills of the PM and tool of any project management that may take any form (daily/weekly face-to-face meetings, email communications, Project website updates, project management software).

Paper: Explain your rationale for the items above. Support your discussion with references from the suggested articles provided below as well as other peer-reviewed research. Include a summary of the key components of the communication plan in table format.

Your manager asked you to specify the means of communication you would use to communicate with your team and the project stakeholders along with justification for each. He also directed you to the following resources for more information.

Manage and Monitor Communications


Communication Methods In Project Management


5 Effective Communication Methods You Need to Know

5 Effective Communication Methods In Project Management (Video)

EHR Implementation Phase II Step 2
Concepcion Jones
HIMS 661
RFI (Request for Information)
RFI is essential in project management. A request for information is a document used by
a particular company or business whose intention is to request information about a supplier’s
services or products (Smith, 2021). In the end, a particular organization is aware of what is
offered by a particular vendor while at the same time comparing different vendors. The
following information will be included in the Request for Information.
The overview provides a particular business’s goal, objectives, background of the company, and
confidentiality policy.
The skills and the credentials are highlighted. Everything needed for a particular project is
highlighted, such as level of experience, the team’s size, and operation systems.
Requested information
In this part, there are questions about the supplies regarding infrastructure, working methods,
quality control, and project management, among other questions.
Response expectations
This part highlights expectations in terms of deadline and information.
RFP (Request for Proposal)
An RFP (Request for Proposal) is a document whose main aim is to explain the needs of
a particular project and requests solution from vendors. Essentially, it invites them to submit
their proposal, which aligns with the required needs (Smith, 2021). The RFP (Request for
Proposal) will have the following elements.
Background information whereby the background information of a particular
company is provided
A detailed description of a particular project
The specific requirements about the tools, systems material, and products that are
The deadline of the project accompanies explicit dates and also milestones.
Questions to a particular vendor a particular company would like answered
The evaluation criteria
Potential roadblocks
Guidelines to be followed to submit the proposal
Vendor Selection Criteria
A successful company understands the importance of investing in its business. Choosing
a wring vendor predisposes a particular company to losses or even damage to a particular
company’s reputation. The Regional Extension Center (REC) is the best vendor for an EHR.
Supplier selection is one of the most important decisions in the supply chain (Taherdoost &
Brard, 2019). It is vital to choose the best EHR systems vendor; the following criteria will be
followed to select the best vendor for the EHR systems (The Office of the National Coordinator
for Health Information Technology, 2019).
The price whereby it is vital to get maximum value at the lowest cost
The quality of the product and services being offered by a particular vendor
Check references. Essentially a particular vendor should b seen as an employee. It is
vital to make reference calls so that a company can get a clear picture of whether a
particular vendor can deliver.
Customer service: companies with great customer service have a great probability of
doing a good job as vendors.
The ethics and integrity of the vendor will be considered. Being an EHR system, it is
vital to consider a vendor who portrays high ethical standards.
A vendor should have professional employees. Sometimes, a particular vendor’s
employee might make inappropriate advances. However, this is a criterion that is
difficult to check.
Recommendation from others
Existing relationships will be considered; however, some vendors raise their prices
after establishing a relationship with a particular business. However, it is vital to
solicit other EHR system vendors to ensure one gets the best value.
Contract Negotiation Points
Contracts between a particular company and vendors are important; a contract legally
binds two or more parties. A contract might be written or verbal. A contract indicates the
obligations of various parties and the repercussions of a contract breach. A previous relationship
provides a foundation for a new agreement (Ariño et al., 2013). The following clauses will be
contained in the EHR system contract.
Confidentiality: A confidentiality clause if vital due to the information involved
Force Majeure
Termination Triggers
Dispute Resolution
Ariño, A., Reuer, J. J., Mayer, K. J., & Jané, J. (2013). Contracts, negotiation, and learning: An
examination of termination provisions. Journal of Management Studies, 51(3), 379-405.
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. (2019). How do I
select a vendor? https://www.healthit.gov/faq/how-do-i-select-vendor
Smith, L. (2021). What is a Request for information (RFI): meaning, example.

Request for information (RFI)

Taherdoost, H., & Brard, A. (2019). Analyzing the process of supplier selection criteria and
methods. Procedia Manufacturing, 32, 1024-1034.
Phase II Implementation Step 1
Concepcion Jones
HIM 661 9040
May 31st 2022
Phase II EHR Project Implementation Steps
Implementing EHR requires great planning, coordination, and collaboration of the
stakeholders involved (Cohen, n.d.). There are various steps involved in implementing an
effective EHR. The steps are;
1. Setting a roadmap.
2. Establishing strong leadership.
3. Defining budgets, the limits, and projections.
4. Preparing infrastructure
5. Transferring data.
6. Offering Electronic Health Records training sessions.
7. Launching the project and going live.
8. Post-launch evaluations and closing the project.
These tasks follow each other.
Step 1: Setting a clear roadmap
The first step in executing EHR is conducting a full assessment of the healthcare facility.
This process targets to investigate the facility’s readiness to adopt an EHR. In this step, I will find
out whether there is sufficient infrastructure, education, and clinical processes. Besides, it seeks
to determine if adequate training has been offered to support the implementation of an EHR.
Step 2: Establishing strong leadership.
This step will involve appointing an experienced and skilled implementing committee.
The committee shall comprise of project manager, an application developer, an application
analyst, a physician advocate, a billing advocate, a nurse advocate, and a QA test engineer. The
leadership committee will consult each other openly. It will collaborate and exchange any
information between the member during the entire implementation process.
Step 3: Defining budgets, the limits, and projections.
The main aim of having an EHR system is to save costs of keeping records and improve
the quality of healthcare provided in a facility. To have a successful HER, one needs to set
achievable budgets. The budget should meet all the elements of the HER. This includes the
supplies, administrative, human resources, and other key items. The implementation budget
should include;

Customization consultancy.

System upgrades.

Costs of cloud migration

Costs on backups

Training fees

Consultancy costs.
Step 4: Preparing the infrastructure
The HER system to be adopted should be able to accommodate robust security protocols.
This means the system should have the highest levels of security. Also, the system should
guarantee fast disaster recovery measures for it to offer efficiency and high uptime. The
infrastructure needed to set up an EHR needs to include safety, security, registries, privacy, and
interoperability. The infrastructure should include both hardware and software.
Step 5: Transferring data
The main aim of implementing an HER is to have new data storage and entry system.
After confirming the infrastructure is ready, the next step is transferring all data from the old
system to the new HER system. The process of data transfer should be seamless. It should not
happen with minimal frustration to all stakeholders. After the transfer, the system should be easy
to buy-in. The process of data transfer can be challenging. However, the following actions can be
taken to make it easy;

Determining the transfer parameters. This step involves defining what needs to be
migrated and to where.

Offering training to the data entry staff.

Creation of a workflow sheet. This will ensure a clear data entry process.

Confirm that all the correct information is entered.

Storing the data safely.
Step 6: Offering EHR Training sessions
The sixth step in implementing EHR involves training the staff on all aspects of the HER
software. Training equips the staff with the necessary skills to run the HER (Oachs & Watters,
2020). Also, it makes them accept the importance of having the EHR system in the facility. The
training is supposed to be comprehensive. It should be customized to meet the facility’s demands
with regard to the HER system. Also, it should highlight the importance of HER and the ways of
implementing it successfully.
The training step should put the following into consideration;

Have a skilled team for training

Design super users of the HER system for every department.

Create a timeline for training with clear goals.

Modify the training to fit the current HER system.

Encourage everyone to attend the training for practical experience.
Step 7: Launching the project and going live
After equipping the staff with the necessary skills, it is important to launch the HER.
Before launching, the EHR system needs to be tested in a simulated setup. At this time, the staff
is knowledgeable enough about the systems operations. Also, they know their roles and the
potential of the system. All the necessary data has been transferred to the new system. All
features are in place, and errors have been scrutinized and solved. All systems are set, and the
system is ready for rolling out. The system is launched and goes live.
Step 8: Post-launch evaluations and closing
The process of implementing the system is continuous and iterative. It requires
continuous training. After going live, the effectiveness of the HER system needs to be evaluated.
The evaluation process helps in optimizing the system. In this regard, the post-launch evaluations
are conducted to ensure;

Patience satisfaction

There is a return on investment

The errors in data are minimized or eliminated

Adjustments are made to data collection, reporting, and billing.
The project is closed. However, another team is selected with the facility to help review and
update the system.
Work Breakdown Structures and Milestones
Work Breakdown Structures Diagram
Monitoring and
Closing and
Signing off
Gantt Chart
System Acquisition
communication within
the project team and
Select vendor
Contract negotiation
In-person meetings
(Wee W 1
Conference calls
Online project site
Scope creep
Component or unit testing
Integrated testing
Stress testing
Project reviews
Dissolve project team
Take away lesson learned
with stakeholders
Monitoring and
Closing and signing
System Acquisition: RFI and RFP, selection of vendors, contract negotiation
Request for Information – EHR Implementation
This RFI is an invitation to choose a company to offer information that will be used later on to
choose supplier(s) that can offer EHR services and products to our facility. The services will be
needed to offer a seamless passage with unblemished implementation. Besides, provide any other
important information that may not have been included below and may not be within the realm
of this RFI but is relevant. That information may include but is not limited to alternative systems,
products, or suggestions.
The respondents considered for more consideration shall be;

Expected to make a presentation to the project leadership team at the facility.

Visited by the project leadership team.

Show enough knowledge of EHR.

Provide a cost reduction proposal.
All queries and enquires concerning this Request for Information should be addressed to:
[Your Name]
Project Manager
[Name of the facility]
[Phone Number]
Anticipated Time Frames for Evaluation and Selection Process:
Issue RFI to Suppliers
Questions on RFI due
Responses to RFI due
On-Site Supplier Presentation
Finalists Selected
Site Visits and Reference Checks
Final Evaluation and Selection
Confidential Information
All the information contained in this RFI is solely and confidential to this the supply of our
facility. It is for the purposes of suppliers who may want to know the intention of preparing
feedback to this Request for Information. Any supplier, by receiving these documents, agrees to
have the information contained confidential.
Any information whatsoever submitted to our facility in response to this RFI;
1. It shall be treated as confidential.
2. Shall be considered proprietary
3. Shall not be disclosed
4. Shall only be disclosed when required by a court or when needed so by a regulatory
authority of recognized jurisdiction.
The Business Needs
1. Reducing waiting time for patients
2. Improving the quality and value of services offered.
3. Applying the current technology in operations to enhance efficiency.
A detailed item list shall be attached. The overall expenditure is approximated at $10,000.
Pricing and Payment Terms;
Pricing must be in American Dollars. All pricing to include total costs and must reflect in the
invoice price. Any other costs must be highlighted for cogitation.
Contact Information
Must provide all contact information, including General Manager, Customer Service Manager,
Sales Manager, Customer Service Manager, and Outside Sales Representative. Include any other
additional and relevant contacts required.
Must include the lead-time needed to set up a supplier-managed inventory system. In case of
installation of a storage facility within our premises, restricted access to the store must be
Must ensure the lead times are accurate and meet the specifications of our facility or implied
quality standards will be met by the supplier.
Union Status
Provide union status, Name, contract date, contract duration, and local.
Advise on your Disaster Recovery Plan to mitigate or avoid interruption of supply. Provide the
supply locations.
Supplier Profile

Provide company profile

Provide company contact address

Provide a description of the company

Provide a list of short-term and long-term goals.

Describe the qualifications and experience of your team.

Describe and attach the implementation plan.

Describe the training offered.

Describe how customer requests for change or improvements are handled.
Response evaluation criteria

Must meet the technical and functional requirements as described in this RFI.

Offer a cost-effective solution.

Offer timely solutions

Show expertise and functionality

Offer a high level of customer service
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Bid Submissions
Bidders are requested to propose the best and most cost-effective solution that meets our
requirements whilst considering quality. The bidder can submit a response for the EHR plan in a
The proposals must include;
1. Qualifications and experience of the professionals involved.
2. Examples of facilities where EHR has been implemented before.
3. Proposed fees and all expenses are stated clearly for services offered.
Anticipated schedule
1. Request for Proposal Issue:
2. Deadline for bids:
3. Selection of Bidder and Contract Award:
All proposals must be submitted to the EHR project manager of our facility.
Selection of Vendors Criteria and process
The project management team will review the submitted proposals and select suitable contractors
based on order
1. Cost
2. The quality of work as demonstrated
3. Experience and expertise
4. Range of services offered
Contract Negotiation
Contract negotiation involves compiling all the requirements needed for the HER project.
It helps in the search for the processes that shall be affected by lack of cognition and
consciousness. It is aimed at providing the standards to evaluate the suppliers.
Project communication within the project team and with stakeholders
Effective communication shall ensure that the implementation of HER is successful and
efficient. Also, it will ensure there is a seamless transition from the old method of recording
data to the expected one. Effective communication shall ensure that the system works
accurately and workflows are adjusted successfully and as expected (Vati, 2013). Also, it will
ensure the system responds appropriately to notifications and reports accurately. The methods
of communication to be used are in-person meetings, emails, conference calls, and an online
project site.
In-person meetings
EHR project implementation team shall have various in-person meetings with various groups
of people. The meetings shall be unique depending on the target group. The target group shall
be informed early enough, and the mode of meeting agenda communicated. The meetings shall
be recorded. Data collected from the meetings shall be evaluated and analyzed to evaluate the
process of HER implementation (Schumaker & Reganti, 2016).
Emails are a very effective means of communication when both users are aware of them. They
are received instantly, and feedback from them indicates that the message has been delivered.
The use of emails will offer a convenient mode of communication. In these cases, emails shall
be sent to stakeholders. The stakeholders shall be expected to check their emails regularly.
Conference calls
Conference calls will allow stakeholders to meet even in varied geographical locations. They
will be used to resolve urgent issues that need the input of many individuals. They will greatly
reduce the costs of traveling to hold meetings.
Online project site
This method of communication will help both external users and supporters. It will allow hybrid
innovation, advanced payments, new cloud products, a collaboration of healthcare resources,
offline treatments, and better reporting capabilities.
Monitoring and Controlling
The project manager will be responsible for planning, making observations, and analyzing them.
The tasks to be performed by managers in monitoring are; time management, scope creeping,
budget handling, quality control, and task management (Aguirre, Suarez, Fuentes, & SanchezGonzalez, 2019).
Scope creeping
This helps in focusing on the project to narrow it down and ensure it is within the set budget. The
manager will develop the requirements of the project throughout its cycle. The requirements will
be arranged in order of their priority and customer need. Also, the manager will come up with
ways of implementing changes when it arises.
Time management
The intention of HER is to save time. The time spent on HER needs to be spelled. The time for
implementation should be pre-determined through research. If implemented successfully, it will
help save time and will improve customer satisfaction.
The main tasks for the HER system will be to identify and save records in the hospital. Also, it
will be able to capture and manage patients’ data. The data to be managed should be reportable,
timely, and clinical.
The HER system must be able to meet the short-term budget approximations. It should offer a
good return on investment. Ultimately, the HER system should be able to meet the long-term
budgetary expectations.
The HER system is intended to improve the quality of services offered by the facility. The
system will process health data and help in analyzing it. Adopting HER will help physicians in
using the collected data to determine the progress of patients. The data can be shared
electronically from one department to another, improving the efficiency of the service delivery
within the facility.
The testing will be done in two phases; before and after. The common testing techniques are pre,
and post-survival testing, staffing schedules, project assessments, communication tools, and
patient communication guidelines. The tests will be done on network and payment procedures to
determine their effectiveness. Both pre-testing and post-testing will be conducted on this project.
Component or unit testing
All major functions will be categorized in the user guide. All changes will be recorded upon unit
testing. The changes shall be used in upgrading the system.
Integrated testing
This involves testing the interactions between applications. It is aimed at determining the
accuracy of the data presented. Also, it helps in the follow-up of the patient’s information within
the facility.
Stress testing
This measures the relationship between the objects that share data. It aims at determining
whether they interact correctly. It helps in making sure the applications adhere to the policies and
procedures set. Also, it helps in determining the effectiveness of the training offered to
Closing and signing off
This is the final stage of the implementation process. In this stage, all the documents shall
be published on the relevant sites. During closing, all charges need to be determined. The impact
of the system needs to be determined. The time budget for the project must be taken into
account. During closing and signing off, all training needs to have been conducted to ensure a
seamless transition.
Project review
This involves evaluating the impacts of the project. It is based on the tests. It seeks to
determine the applicability of the HER system to the facility. The review report informs the
facility of the possible challenges and ways to mitigate them. Also, it informs the healthcare
facility of the conflicting factors.
Dissolve the project team
The project team is dissolved upon completing its intended purpose.
Take away or lessons learned.
Implementation of HER helps in improving the healthcare services within a facility. It
helps in saving time and ensures patients’ data is safe. Another takeaway is that teamwork
helps in realizing the goals of a project. Each team member is supposed to play their role to the
level best.
Aguirre, R. R., Suarez, O., Fuentes, M., & Sanchez-Gonzalez, M. A. (2019). Electronic health
record implementation: A review of resources and tools. Cureus.
Cohen, E. (n.d.). What is WBS (Work breakdown structure) in project management? Retrieved
from https://www.workamajig.com/blog/guide-to-work-breakdown-structures-wbs
Oachs, P., & Watters. (2020). Health information management: Concepts, principles, and
practice (6th ed.).
Schumaker, R. P., & Reganti, K. P. (2016). Implementation of electronic health record (EHR)
system in the healthcare industry. E-Health and Telemedicine, 1001-1016.
Vati, J. (2013). Chapter-22 fundamentals of health planning. Principles and Practice of Nursing
Management and Administration, 223-238. doi:10.5005/jp/books/11817_22

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