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Essays are usually used for evaluating and assessing student progress in a history class. History essays consider a range of skills such as historical writing, research, planning, analysis and interpretation, and understanding. To write an effective history essay, the student should evaluate the question, understand its requirements and focus, obtain evidence and information through research, and create a clear and well-planned response. Writing a good history essay is challenging and rigorous. As with other skills, your essay writing will improve and develop over time. Every article you write helps you become more confident and competent. Avail prompt homework help from top-notch experts!

How to Write a History Essay

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  1. Know the History Paper Format

You may be required to write one of the different types of history papers. The most common are research papers and persuasive essays. Your history teacher may also request an analytical paper from you focused on a specific source or an article reviewing secondary sources. Take your time reading and understanding the assignment. If you’re unsure of the history paper format needed, ask. Irrespective of the paper you are writing, it will require an argument. A solid argument can save a shoddy paper, while a weak argument can damage an otherwise strong article. A history paper format contains:

  • An introduction that lays the argument and topic.
  • Body paragraphs to present your evidence.
  • A conclusion.
  1. Pick a History Paper Topic

Sometimes, your professor will provide a list of history paper topics for the essay. If not, you should come up with one. How do you choose a history paper topic? Begin by asking for recommendations from your professor. They will have the best ideas, saving you plenty of time.

You can begin with your sources. Many history papers require credible information sources. Pick your sources and develop a topic around the sources. Lastly, consider starting with a debate. Do you have a pressing issue that you can address through the paper? Before much progress, take your topic to your professor for feedback. This is because most students choose a very narrow topic that does not hit the page limit or is too broad for a history essay. Your professor can help you develop a focused and successful history essay topic. This can also save a lot of time later.

  1. Write an Outline

Before writing, you should create a history essay outline before writing the first draft. You probably learned how to write an essay during your high school days. If you still remember how to use it. As you work on the outline, consider your argument. Let not your argument be final at this stage, as you can revise it later, but consider your views on the topic and sources. Take general notes on the topic and create a central question your paper addresses. The planning stage also ensures you have all the necessary material.

  1. Begin your Rough Draft

You can now start drafting. You may prefer to begin with the essay’s body paragraphs or start with the introduction. Find what works best and start drafting. Use your outline to include quotes in your body paragraphs and ensure that you quote correctly. As you draft, perceive your history essay as a lawyer handles a case. Let your introduction be your opening statement, present the evidence in the body paragraphs, and the closing statement in conclusion. When writing your history essay conclusion, link the proof to your main argument or thesis statement. Do not dwell too much on perfecting your first draft, as you will polish it later during revisions.

  1. Revise and Revise

After writing and concluding your first draft, start working on the second one. The draft will become much stronger and more engaging when you revise the paper. As you edit, check for incomplete sentences or errors. Look for missing footnotes and focus on your evidence and argument. Ensure that all your body paragraphs contain topic sentences, and the paper meets assignment requirements.

  1. Take Time to Write the Introduction

The introduction paragraph will determine your final grade regardless of your word count. The introduction sets up the direction of your paper, the main question you will answer, your tactic, and your argument. The opening can be a single paragraph in a short history essay paper. On the other hand, if your paper is longer, it can be several paragraphs. Carefully write your introduction and powerfully present your argument. Then write and rewrite it until it’s clear.

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