HSC3371 RU Deliverable Worksheet

Pulling It All Together for a Rising Health Concern

Assignment Content


Evaluate public health issues and inequities that impact special populations.

Promote a community’s need for a particular public health initiative.

Determine health education strategies appropriate for targeted audiences.

Evaluate evidence-based advocacy practices that promote wellness and manage disease among diverse populations.

Design a public health initiative implementation and evaluation plan.

Present a public health initiative using a variety of communication methods.

Student Success CriteriaView the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane. ScenarioYour community has a rising health concern. You will outline the evidence-based problem, affected population, key message, communication strategies, and outcomes measures. InstructionsComplete and submit.HSC3371-Deliverable-7-WorksheetThe worksheet provides a guided step-by-step review to help you apply each key competency from this course.You will utilize a minimum of 3 credible resources to support your positions. Each answer must be supported by cited evidence. Follow standard mechanics for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing style. Resources

  • Rasmussen Library APA Guide
  • Deliverable 7 Worksheet
    This Deliverable represents a synthesis of tools you have mastered throughout this course.
    Complete each section of the following worksheet as part of your deliverable.
    Using APA formatting, cite your credible resources to accompany each answer, as well as
    including your reference list. You need a minimum of 3 credible resources.
    Suggestions on Competencies to review in building your answers and selecting supporting
    resources are included in brackets after each question.
    1. Name a health condition of elevated concern in your area. Include a 1-2 sentence
    description of the condition. {Competency 1}
    2. Which specific populations in your area are most vulnerable to this condition?
    {Competency 1}
    3. Develop a PICO question to discover which socioeconomic, environmental, or other
    risk factors that make this population vulnerable to this specific health condition’s
    elevation. {Competency 1}
    a. P:
    b. I:
    c. C:
    d. O:
    Resulting question: ____________________________________________
    4. Write a SCRAAP analysis of one credible resource you select to describe the specific
    population’s vulnerabilities. {Competency 1}
    a. S: ____________________________________________
    b. C: ____________________________________________
    c. R: ____________________________________________
    d. A: ____________________________________________
    e. A: ____________________________________________
    f. P: ____________________________________________
    5. Identify 1-2 behavior changes within your audience’s locus of control that could help
    curb the rise of this health issue. {Competency 1}
    6. What key message would you like to convey to your audience? {Competencies 4-6}
    7. Which 1-2 social media channels would you prioritize in order to reach this audience?
    If you would not use social media, what communication channels would you use
    instead? Include rationale. {Competency 2 and 6}
    8. You are conducting a seminar for one of your key audiences to help support education
    surrounding your key message. Describe which audience you are creating the session
    for, what the topic is, what the key outcome is, and how you will employ each phase
    of the ADDIE Model to create your session: {Competency 3}
    a. Audience:
    b. Specific topic:
    c. Key outcome:
    d. A:
    e. D:
    f. D:
    g. I:
    h. E:
    9. Describe at least 3 partnerships you need to form to successfully engage and follow up
    with your key audiences in your mission. {Competencies 4 and 5} Include rationale.
    10. How will you measure the success of your initiative? Include 3 specific metrics and
    your rationale in selecting them. {Competencies 4 and 5}
    Metric 1:
    Metric 2:
    Metric 3:
    11. Describe one evidence-based strategy to engage media interest. {Competency 4}
    12. Identify 3 metrics you could measure to illustrate progress or success with your
    program. Describe why each is important to the stakeholders, objectives, and goals. :
    {Competency 4}
    a. Metric 1:
    b. Metric 2:
    c. Metric 3:
    Submit this worksheet as your Deliverable.

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