LBCC Service Delivery Plan Paper

What I need is for you to complete the following below (service delivery plan) all the things in the sub categories A, B, C, and so on..

All data and everything should be in the Document But most important is I need a Cost Analysis of Indirect and Direct Costs

And a FLOW CHARt of delivery service example: The service delivery is how will clients see you, at office, in a van, etc.. You need to describe it and why this is a good way to deliver the service. You also need a flowchart showing what happens when a patient first comes to you and how they go through your system. For instance, greeted by receptionist, then maybe vitals are taken by an LVN and so forth. The flowchart takes the patient from the beginning of the process until they leave. I need this Step by step BUT FOR A CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC! thank you

  1. Service Delivery Plan (Christian)Service Delivery MethodologyLow back and leg pain.Neck and arm pain.Headaches.Athletic and work-related injuries.Shoulder, knee, and foot pain.Asthma, ear infections, and many other problems that begin when we are children.Clinical Protocols and Description of Best Practices *Cost AnalysisDirect Costs:Indirect Costs:Flow Chart of Delivery Service, Delivery Sequence & Timing RequirementFTE RequirementsSpace Requirements

Group members: Lisa Tran, Nhi Nguyen, Celine Seklawi, Tristen Mariz Cruz, Amna Khan, &
Christian Santa Ana
1. Executive Summary (Lisa)
a. What do I include? Wilshire Chiropractic Clinic serves to aid in preventive
wellness for individuals who are in need of restoring their range of motion or to
reduce pain. A chiropractic clinic focuses on treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal
conditions. A chiropractic clinic employees includes the owner of the business,
physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, exercise and training physiologists,
and administrative personnel. A chiropractic clinic includes administrative
personnel, such as a receptionist who is responsible for taking phone calls and
emails, scheduling appointments, taking patients’ medical history or current
condition, verifying insurance information, and handling medical bills.
Specialized chiropractic resources and equipment for patients will be included.
b. Marketing Highlights: An online website is available to patients who wish to seek
wellness care at Wilshire Chiropractic Clinic. The website will include the clinic’s
operation hours, accepted insurances, and the scope of service available. In
addition, the website will include a patient satisfaction survey as well as a chatbox
for any questions or patient feedback.
c. Target Marketing Summary: The target market includes residents within the
community as well as individuals seeking for treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal
conditions at Wilshire Chiropractic Clinic. Because Patients who suffer from
acute and subacute low back pain, joint, and muscle pain are encouraged to seek
care from this chiropractic clinic.
Competitive Analysis:
Key Marketing Strategies:
Operational Highlights:
Intermediary Concerns or Issues:
Management Team Overview: The management team includes the owner of the
business, physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, exercise and training
physiologists, and administrative personnel.
i. Financial Highlights:
j. Other Unique or Special Concerns: We are open 24/7 on weekdays.
2. Company Profile (Lisa)
a. Type of Organization: Therapy, Chiropractic Clinic (small family business)
b. Name of Organization: Wilshire Chiropractic
c. Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 24/7
ii. Saturday & Sunday: 9AM to 5PM
d. Scope of Service Line:
Diagnose and treat patients
ii. Provide natural, drugless, nonsurgical health treatments
iii. General chiropractic care
Sports and rehabilitation chiropractic care (exercises and health and
lifestyle counseling)
Diagnostics services
e. Clients Served: Individuals between the ages of 20-65 years old.
Target: young adults, the elderly, injured sportsmen and sportswomen,
those who suffer from severe joint pain
f. Location of Clinics: 10880 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1020, Los Angeles, CA, 90024. It
is located at the “Gateway to Westwood”, and it is on-site building management.
The location is convenient access to 405 Freeway.
g. Description of Business:
h. Profit Status: For profit
3. Industry Overview (Tristen)
4. Service Overview (Amna)
Service Overview (What Do I Include?) Amna
1. What is the proposed new service proposal’s unique features/benefits?
We are proposing a new chiropractor facility that will allow patients to have a variety of services
including chiropractic, sports medicine, therapeutic massage, and physiotherapy. Patients will be
able to register their information online through computers or phone apps prior to their walk-in
visits, as well as being able to register and create an appointment online, over the phone or
during a walk in visit. The new service proposal also includes implementing self-serving stations
around the clinic for patients to sign in and enter in their information upon arrival to protect their
privacy and keep a smooth workflow within our clinic.
What values does it provide to key target markets?
Our patients are often those who are in need of healing pain, suffer from sciatica, back pain,
headaches, pinched nerves, fibromyalgia, spinal disc herniation, and much more. By offering a
variety of services, we make it easy for patients to have a safe and comfortable environment to
have a variety of their problems solved. Our walk-in visits are the best way to show patients they
are welcomed and valued at our clinic. The clients will be more likely to return to our facility or
recommend us to a family member or friend, establishing a good business reputation for our
organization. We plan to serve our clients with the best care possible, integrity, and genuine
desire to heal.
What are the benefits of this new service proposal?

Privacy protection

High quality patient care

Professional and well-educated staff

Improving the overall wellness of our patients


Increased productivity
How is this new service positioned against existing services by others?
Unlike other clinics that focus a majority of their time focusing on paperwork or insurances, our
main goal and focus is treating our clients and taking care of them. We also enforce patient
privacy to the fullest extent; our services are delivered by highly skilled physicians and
specialists. Our new clinic is designed to be serene and relaxing to patients while receiving their
treatments. We want to work with our patients every step of the way, they are our main priority
and focus.
What are you doing differently?
We are improving services with better technology and set a high standard for fast, effective
patient care in comparison with our competitors. From the specialist to the receptionist, our staff
is determined to focus on the comfort of our patients.
5. Competitive Analysis Overview (Nhi)
1. Describe your competition’s service:
● Westwood Village Chiropractic is a small Chiropractic Clinic that was established in
● It is located at 10850 Wilshire Blvd. #560 (near UCLA, in the AVCO Building) Los
Angeles, CA 90024.
● Phone number: 310-475-0444.
● Hours of Operation:
❖ Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 09:00 AM – 07:00 PM
❖ Tuesday: 09:00 AM – 03:00 PM
❖ Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: Closed
● Westwood Village Chiropractic offers chiropractic care including manual
adjustments, flexion distraction technique, ultrasound, interferential current, electrical
stimulation, massage, and others.
● Westwood Village Chiropractic targets all customers. However, they mostly focus on
young adult people who suffer from low back pain, neck pain, strains, sprains,
tension, stress, numbness, tingling, headaches, and other spinal symptoms.
● Dr. Brian Nishimoto, D.C. is a main chiropractor at Westwood Village Chiropractic
who is a member of the American Chiropractic Association. He earned his Bachelor
of Science degree in Kinesiology at UCLA and a Chiropractic degree from Cleveland
Chiropractic College of Los Angeles. He received an award of Clinic Excellence.
Karen is his wife who is responsible for the administration of Westwood Village
2. What is their point of differentiation?
● It is a family business, and there is only one choice of Dr. Brian Nishimoto, D.C for
● Only serve with an appointment.
● Dr. Brian Nishimoto, D.C usually combines ultrasound, massage, and adjustment for
most chiropractic care.
● Most treatments last about an hour, and each subsequent one takes about 15-20

What real value do they deliver to the customer that others do not
Professional and educated staff
Provide high quality services (rated 5 stars of customer service on Yelp)
Efficient outcome for treatments.
4. Describe their customer profile:
● Young adult clients who live around the city.
● Socioeconomic status is in the middle class.
5. Detail the pricing strategy:
● The clinic accepts several types of insurance for payment.
● For cash, every visit would be $250.
6. What is their marketing/advertising approach?
● The organization uses the website and social media page and for marketing. However,
Westwood Village Chiropractic does not have many advertising and promotion
activities recently.
● The website’s structure is simple and easy to navigate. The website includes
important contents on the homepage that looks easy to access information. They
directly provide the physical address and phone number of the clinic on the right top
corner of the web page. There is a slogan “Personalized Care for Your Well Being…”
that is stated on the center of the web page. Images between chiropractor and client
look friendly on the Websites. However, their Facebook page seems inactive because
they have not frequently updated information and current events of the organization.
7. Why do customers/referral sources buy or use them?
● Westwood Village Chiropractic has existed for more than 20 years that has built a
long-term relationship with many clients. Their regular customers already become
loyal customers because they are familiar with the service of the clinic.
● Social media users tend to believe in previous customers’ feedback. Since the quality
of service is rated 5 stars on social networking, Westwood Village Chiropractic easily
gets more attention and trust from new customers.
● Dr. Brian Nishimoto, D.C. is a well-known senior student in UCLA who has a lot
experience in the chiropractic field. In addition, the location of his clinic is near
UCLA campus. Therefore, UCLA students and staff refer to choose Westwood
Village Chiropractic’s service.
8. What are the opportunities or threats to your organization?
● Opportunities:
❖ Our location is a center of Downtown Los Angeles that is near restaurants, movie
theaters, and other retailers. It is convenient, connected and approachable to
❖ Their clinic looks old, so our clinic would design a new room, update new
furniture, new machines and tools to attract new customers.
❖ Our organization would develop a better marketing strategy. We create effective
website design and social media pages.
❖ Offer different promotions for customers.
● Threat:
❖ Other organizations have better reputation in the community.
❖ Facing financial issues, recruit and retain new talents workers.
❖ Unexpected external effects, such as pandemic ( Coronavirus outbreak)
6. Place (Celine)
1. Where will the service be delivered?
-It will be delivered at Wilshire Chiropractic, a licensed and registered clinic.
2. What are the costs associated with this manner of distribution?
-The costs associated with this manner will go to the service providers.
3.What is the marketing importance/advantage of this location?
– We are open 24/7 on weekdays which work with non-flexible schedules of our clients.
4. Does the location provide any competitive advantages?
-This location provides service of equal value at a lower price. These conditions allow the
productive entity to generate more sales or superior margins compared to its market
rivals. Along with providing highly skilled labor at an unique geographic location.
5. Are there exit issues with this distribution strategy?
-There are no exit issues with our distribution strategy.
7. Price (Celine)
1.Labor costs of FTEs
-FTE stands for full time equivalent/employee. The chiropractor gets paid $68 an hour
which comes out to be $544 for an 8-hour day or equivalent.
-Overhead for one month is $32,000. This is split between salaries, insurance, rent,
advertising, and licenses
-22% margin
4.Low, medium, high (relative to competing service provider)
8. Service Delivery Plan (Christian)
a. Service Delivery Methodology
Low back and leg pain.
ii. Neck and arm pain.
Athletic and work-related injuries.
Shoulder, knee, and foot pain.
Asthma, ear infections, and many other problems that begin when we are
b. Clinical Protocols and Description of Best Practices
i. *
c. Cost Analysis
Direct Costs:
ii. Indirect Costs:
d. Flow Chart of Delivery Service, Delivery Sequence & Timing Requirement
e. FTE Requirements
f. Space Requirements
9. Human resource (Amna)
Organizational structure/staffing plan
Clinical (full-time vs. part-time): Chiropractors, Chiropractors assistants,
physical therapist,
Non-clinical (full-time vs. part-time): Administrative positions (i.e. front desk
personnel, healthcare administrators)
Rate : Chiropractors salary $71,000 (Best Jobs), Physical Therapist $88,000,
(Best Jobs). Chiropractor’s assistant $15.55 (indeed, 2019); front-desk receptionist – $14
( , 2020); office administrator $16.42 hourly (pay scale)
Benefits: Medical insurance, dental insurance, vision and hearing care, life
insurance, paid time off, disability insurance, 401 K, retirement benefits
Job descriptions (detailed listings): our physicians and specialists will oversee
all patient activity, injuries and prescribe medication for patients as well as the
appropriate therapy needed. The chiropractors and physical therapist are the lead medical
personnel on staff. The chiropractors assistants and nurses perform much of the work a
chiropractor does, but reports to the main doctor or specialist for aspects of medicine
beyond their medical training and scope of responsibility. Administrative personnel see to
the ongoing needs of the facility. They oversee the financial and administrative aspects
of the facility, which may further include staffing, medical supply requirements, and
facility accreditation. Receptionists converse with the patients in order to gain
information regarding insurance, co-pay, and the reason for seeking our services.
Roles and responsibilities: Medical staff oversees patient satisfaction as well as
medical care for the patient, treatment of patients, assessing them, medication
administration, equipment handling, medical care for the patient, and computer skills for
patient record keeping. All staff is to cooperate with one another in a team-like manner.
The administrative personnel, or receptionists, are to gain information for why the patient
is seeking care and to forward information to medical personnel, deal with insurance / copay, and answer questions the patient may have. The receptionist should be friendly and
inviting when conversing with patients. Other administrative personnel oversee the
financial aspects of the urgent care facility in order to sustain the function of the facility
as well as accreditation requirements, supply needs, and staffing
10. Balance Sheet and Income Statement (Cash Flow Statement)
Amna Khan
Average Office Administrator Hourly Pay. (n.d.). Retrieved from
“Home.” How Much Does A Chiropractic Assistant Make In California?,
“Inside View of a Chiropractic Office.” Quackwatch, (n.d.). Hourly wage for Chiropractic Office Receptionist. Retrieved from
CHristian (will edit later)

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