Liberty University Alternative Dispute Resolution Research Paper

In the ADR in Healthcare Malpractice: Research Paper Assignment, you will apply the sources from your ADR in Healthcare Malpractice: Annotated Bibliography Assignment, as well as others you may have found, to explore the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in healthcare, including options for Bible-based dispute resolution, focusing on the issues raised in using ADR to resolve malpractice claims without, or limiting, litigation.Your paper must examine what options you would recommend for your healthcare facility, with support from your research and analysis. The final paper must include at least five scholarly sources other than the Learn materials and the Bible, cited in-text and in a reference list. You must also integrate biblical analysis of the topic into the paper.The ADR in Healthcare Malpractice:  1
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Quadasia Dukes
The Liberty University, School of Business
May 29, 2022
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Bricker, V., (2021). What Does Biblical Conflict Resolution Look Like? Retrieved From:
Bricker (2021) insists that we need to engage in anything with the kindness it deserves as
Christians. This means showing love and compassion when dealing with some of our challenges.
Conflict resolution must always be handled with minimal pride, anger and hostility. Bricker
(2021) concludes that biblical conflict resolution remains critical when seeking relationship
restoration and peace. As a physician, I share these sentiments considering I have been a victim
of work-related issues. While most clients prefer going to the courtroom, I have always resolved
the issues through a mature negotiation process.
Baizer, Bob. (2021). Alternative Dispute Resolution for Medical Malpractice Claims.
Retrieved From:
In his article, Baizer introduces the ADR topic by stating that most healthcare administrators
prefer using ADR as an important tactic when resolving long term issues within the healthcare
system. Healthcare administrators prefer it due to the increasing costs linked to resolving issues
through courtrooms. He concludes by stating that the technique could be effective during
arbitration for some of the most critical medical malpractice cases. For my research, this article
would come in handy especially in highlighting the ADR aspect extensively. It will also
highlight some of the malpractices within the healthcare sector that could benefit from the ADR
Gary A. Balcerzak, and Kathryn K. Leonhardt, (2008). Alternative Dispute Resolution in
Healthcare. A Prescription for Increasing Disclosure and Improving Patient Safety.
Retrieved From:
In this article, Gary and Kathryn (2008) reflect on some of the advantages linked to
Alternative Dispute Resolution. Perhaps the main advantages of ADR are costs and time factors.
It is time-consuming when using the ADR processes. However, the authors insist that its usage
has failed to reach its potential since most people use the courtroom to resolve their issues. As a
physician, the ADR process would come in handy in limiting costs linked to the organization,
especially during healthcare issues. The article will come in handy for the research as it will help
me generate information on prescriptions for improving patient safety and increasing disclosure
in hospitals.
Hart David Carson, (2017). Benefits Of ADR For Healthcare Providers. Retrieved From:


Hart (2017) states that malpractice lawsuits remain common within the healthcare sector.
They tend to present various challenges to the healthcare organization. In the end, healthcare
organizations usually spend millions of dollars trying to resolve the issues. Hart (2017) suggests
that using the alternative dispute resolution process is the most effective platform such
organizations could use when resolving the issues. It provides a constructive alternative to
litigation malpractices.
Kass, J. and Rose, R (2016). Medical Malpractice Reform: Historical Approaches, Alternative
Models, and Communication and Resolution Programs. AMA J
Ethics. 2016;18(3):299-310. doi: 10.1001/journalofethics.2017.18.3.pfor6-1603
In their article, Kass and Rose (2016) reflect on the medical malpractice reforms. They
insist that the ADR is part of the medical reform, which healthcare systems should adopt when
resolving their issues. They further explain that healthcare administrators should prioritize it due
to the increasing costs of resolving issues through courtrooms. As a physician, such type of
reform would come in handy for me, given how I tend to experience healthcare issues. On the
other hand, the article would be critical for the research since it will help address the alternative
models and resolution programs incorporated in healthcare.
Narula, S.,(2021). Overview on healthcare business dispute resolution. Retrieved
Narula (2021) conducts an overview of healthcare dispute resolution strategies through his
article. Through the article, Narula (2021) insists that issues within the healthcare system are
unlikely to go unnoticed. Therefore, it is always important to resolve them. Incorporating dispute
resolution strategies is always critical for arbitration, mediation and facilitation. Therefore, this
article would come in handy for the research when expounding on the issue and how it plays a
key role in facilitating and mediation of healthcare issues.
Sohn, D. H., & Bal, B. S. (2012). Medical malpractice reform: the role of alternative dispute
resolution. Clinical orthopaedics and related research, 470(5), 1370–1378.
In this study, Sohn & Bal (2012) highlight how the ADR technique remains critical in
solving issues/disagreements without necessarily taking the case to the courtroom. Most
healthcare administrators prefer using these tactics due to the increasing costs in the sector.
Examples of such tactics include arbitration, mediation and apology within the medical arena.
The technique would be critical in my area of expertise as a health record keeper who might face
disagreements with patients over leaked information about them.
Szmania, Susan & Johnson, Addie & Mulligan, Margaret. (2008). Alternative dispute
resolution in medical malpractice: A survey of emerging trends and practices. Conflict
Resolution Quarterly. 26. 71 – 96. 10.1002/crq.224.
This article is based on a survey finding after thirteen different organizations offered ADR
practices as part of their medical malpractices. The discussion highlights the different types of
disputes, ADR systems, staff qualifications and typical case outcomes. The results showcase the
primary communication role in resolving issues, especially after medical errors. This report
would come in handy in the research since it will highlight some of the emerging practices and
trends in the healthcare sector.
TOW Project/Bible Commentary: Conflict Resolution (Matthew 18:15-35). Retrieved
Mathew 18:15-35 states that workplace conflicts remain a common thing. However, Jesus
says that it is not advisable to get even with those who wronged us. The best way to resolve
work-related conflicts is to seek one-on-one re-conciliatory with the ones we have wronged. This
verse could be clinically linked to the alternative dispute resolution process whereby various
ADR techniques could be incorporated. This verse is important for me as a physician since I
experience various challenges in my work. The Bible verse could act as a guide towards my role
in the facility. Instead of focusing on the conflicts, it is advisable to reconcile with the conflicting
Wang, M., Liu, G.G., Zhao, H. et al. (2020). The role of mediation in solving medical
disputes in China. BMC Health Serv Res 20, 225.’
Through their article, Wang, Liu, Zhao, et al. (2020) states how the number of medicalrelated issues continues to be a concern in China, especially for physicians’ safety. In most cases,
it results in mistrust between the patient and the physician. Therefore, the use of ADR processes
has been critical in limiting these issues across various provinces in the country. The content
would be critical for the formulation of the research as it gives insights into how to use the
system to reduce healthcare issues.

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