Liberty University Utilization of Telehealth Paper

Finals Paper

Using your Annotated Bibliography and Outline of the Research Project, you will work on a 5-page paper complying with the formatting and content instructions listed.

Annotated Bibliography
Telehealth Bibliography
Statement of Topic
The evolution of the healthcare sector has been on an upward trajectory, primarily due to
technological advancements. Telehealth development has created an enabling environment
where people can connect appropriately with healthcare providers. An enormous number of
patients can be attended to within a short duration as the technology has introduced flexibility in
the sector (Sanci, 2020). Further, people can access healthcare services in the comfort of their
homes, irrespective of location, as far as it is covered with the required network. Young adults
and adolescents have been the biggest beneficiaries due to their mastery of technology and being
introduced to it earlier in their lives.
The increased utilization of various technologies, including social media tools, is more
than any other population and enhances their information, especially their health. In addition, the
integration of telehealth by various organizations has elevated the adoption of convenient virtual
visits and other technologies that transmit data remotely, altering interactions and expectations
(Wood et al., 2020). The realization of good healthcare services in remote places increased
technological use, and enhanced youth engagement possesses the potential to alleviate various
barriers experienced in achieving health equity.
Bailin, A, Milanaik, R, Adesman, A. (2014). Health Implications of New Age Technologies
For Adolescents.
The authors assess various advances made in the technological sector, their integration,
and their role in enhancing the lives of young adults. The internet, video games, and smartphones
possess the capability to educate, connect young adults with their peers, and entertain, even
though there are several shortcomings. Internet access among the youths has become more
accessible, faster, and more ubiquitous than ever. The authors assess the adverse impacts of the
utilization of new technologies concerning young adults’ emotional, psychological, and physical
well-being. Despite the adverse impacts, pediatricians play a starring role in educating the
population concerning various issues associated with new technologies, including telehealth. The
resource will significantly inform the challenges associated with telehealth and social media
integration in enhancing access to healthcare services in the young adult population.
Costello, C. R., M.D, & Ramo, D. E., Ph.D. (2017). Social media and substance use: What
should we be recommending to teens and their parents? Journal of Adolescent Health,
60(6), 629-630.
The authors acknowledge the prominent role of social media platforms in the lives of
youths and teenagers and the significance of exploring their online exposure to substance abuse
influences. Amid influences of substance abuse from their online peers, the authors recommend
integrating mental health practitioners and their parents to assess the teenager’s online exposure
to illicit drugs. The authors incorporated alcohol-related post on youth’s social media platforms
and their preceding drinking behaviors. They developed a relationship between social media
exposure and subsequent utilization of alcohol. This implies that the integration of telehealth
education can be adequately accessed by young adults and significantly impact their access to
Sanci L. (2020). The Integration of Innovative Technologies to Support Improving
Adolescent and Young Adult Health. The Journal of adolescent health: official publication
of the Society for Adolescent Medicine, 67(2S), S1–S2.
The author denotes that technological integration in dealing with healthcare possesses
enormous potential, especially in young adults and adolescents. This is because they are
immersed in technology and assess digital platforms to pursue health information and advice.
Telehealth has shown potential in mitigating prevalent health barriers, offering a path to
achieving enhanced care services. However, the challenges should be addressed appropriately,
especially network coverage, privacy issues, inequality in accessing healthcare services, and
ethical and legal considerations in assessing health data, storing, and utilization. The authors
assess six articles to explore technological innovations and collaborations, their potential, and
youth participation in their development.
Wong, C. A., Merchant, R. M., & Moreno, M. A. (2014, December). Using social media to
engage adolescents and young adults with their health. In Healthcare (Vol. 2, No. 4, pp.
220-224). Elsevier.
Social media possess significant potential in relaying essential information concerning
the health of young adults and adolescents. They are ardent users of the platforms in their daily
activities and enhance their connection with their peers. In healthcare, sufficient knowledge
concerning access to services and social media provides an avenue for increased education,
enhanced healthcare delivery, and health policy understanding. Nonetheless, many challenges
inhibit the process, requiring the assessment of the importance of social media’s significance on
people’s health. Young adults and adolescents have a history of low healthcare utilization despite
spending significant time on social media. This implies that the platforms can be enhanced to
elevate the education on telehealth as a convenient method of assessing care.
Wood, S. M., White, K., Peebles, R., Pickel, J., Alausa, M., Mehringer, J., & Dowshen, N.
(2020). Outcomes of a Rapid Adolescent Telehealth Scale-Up During the COVID-19
Pandemic. Journal of Adolescent Health, 67(2), 172–178.
The authors determined that the increased roll-out of telehealth for ease of assessment by
the adolescents during the pandemic was essential in combating its spread. The onset of
coronavirus impacted the delivery of healthcare services around the globe, as health systems
were faced with the difficulties of innovating appropriately in response to containment measures.
The transition was enhanced by technological integration, although its increased roll-out
presented other challenges, especially disparities associated with specific groups in the
population and access to healthcare. The adoption of the emerging telehealth infrastructure
helped significantly even though resources limited it, implying that with adequate support and
resources, broad, rapid, and increased scale-up of the technology can be achieved and enhance
healthcare services.

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