MHA 560 University of Phoenix Week 4 Red Bag Waste Reduction Article Search

Running Head: RED BAG WASTE REDUCTION ARTICLE SEARCH 1Red Bag Waste Reduction Article Search 1
Brandy Blue
University of Phoenix
March 24, 2020
Red Bag Waste Reduction Article Search 1
The red bag waste reduction initiative aims to improve sustainability within the
healthcare sector. As a result, it necessitates going through the hospital’s system waste stream
and understanding which waste is hazardous waste or regular garbage. Notably, it primarily
prompts regulating the amount of waste and the cost it may impact. The outlined articles support
the need for the red bag waste reduction incentives.
Segregation for the Reduction of Regulated Medical Waste
The article on segregation for the reduction of regulated medical waste found in the
Korean Journal of Anesthesiology talks about the importance of reducing waste in the health care
setup. The article outlines the essence of understanding the core areas stimulating the spread of
waste, and trying to curb the vice before it stimulates unsustainability. With intensive research,
the report argues that operating rooms in hospitals consist of more than one-third of the medical
waste, and thus, undermining the need to come up with approaches to deal with this situation
(Shinn, Hwang, Kim, Yang, Na, Song, & Lim, 2017). Therefore, the article describes a study to
discover the type and amount of waste produced in operating rooms and how to deal with it. The
red bag waste reduction initiative also outlines the need to understand the different contributors
that initiate the prevalence of waste in the health institution and using a prioritization approach to
deal with the most prevalent issues.
Increase Adherence to Waste Management
Aboelnour and Abuelela (2019) insist on the importance of adhering to waste
management policies in distinct institutions. The journal article argues that poor management of
medical waste can stimulate catastrophic effects within the hospitals as well as the environment.
Therefore, the report outlines the roles of distinct departments within a hospital environment that
boosts the attainment of sustainability. Distinctly, medical facilities play a pivotal role in
promoting an improvement in the quality of life for both consumers and the workforce. Thus, the
organization should come up with distinct measures to reduce waste and help develop safe
environments. The article supports the red bag waste reduction initiative as it outlines the need to
manage waste and come up with crucial approaches to attain this feat. Reputably, the article
acknowledges that the failure to manage waste can cause a pandemic for both the internal and
external environment, and thus, necessitating the enactment of critical measures.
Aboelnour, A., & Abuelela, M. (2019, December). Increase adherence to waste management
policy at healthcare facilities in Egypt. Bulletin of the National Research Centre, 43(1),
Shinn, H. K., Hwang, Y., Kim, B. G., Yang, C., Na, W., Song, J. H., & Lim, H. K. (2017).
Segregation for reduction of regulated medical waste in the operating room: a case report.
Korean Journal of anesthesiology, 70(1), 100–104.
Development of a Sustainable Initiative: Article Search II
Brandy Blue
University of Phoenix
March 31, 2020
Development of a Sustainable Initiative: Article Search II
The contemporary world pays a lot of attention to the quality of life, and thus, outlining
the importance of crucial incentives in the healthcare setup. Notably, the development of
sustainable initiatives in the healthcare setup may necessitate innovative and creative ideas, as
outlined in the articles below.
Knowledge Sharing in Improving Innovation
Li-Ying, Paunova, and Egerod (2016) argue that the contemporary world necessitates the
enactment of innovation in the healthcare sector. The article outlines the essential roles of
knowledge sharing in influencing intensive care nurse innovation. Notably, the primary purpose
of sustainable innovation is to ensure that the quality of care stimulates workplace efficiency,
improves the quality of life, and eliminates possible barriers. Therefore, the article primarily
offers necessary information on how to approach the situation. It is pivotal to understand the
importance of knowledge sharing behavior as it stimulates nurse innovation (Li-Ying, Paunova,
and Egerod, 2016). The article supports the initiative to actualize creativity and innovation as it
offers guidelines on how to achieve these objectives. Importantly, the study shows that
knowledge sharing can lead to better outcomes in the institution, and thus, improving the quality
of care.
The Essential Role of Workplace Inclusion
Brimhall and Barak (2018) outline the essence of workplace inclusion. Notably, it fosters
job satisfaction, innovation, and quality of care. Therefore, the article primarily focuses on the
fundamental roles of the sustainable initiative, improving the quality of care, and instigating
innovation. Notably, the contemporary world is continually evolving, and thus, healthcare setups
should primarily focus on embracing and actualizing this change. Therefore, the article offers
vital information on the need to involve employees in the decision-making process. The outlined
initiative makes them feel like an essential part of the institution, and hence, stimulating the
development of an open and friendly work environment. The development of teamwork in the
healthcare institution helps healthcare personnel work hand in hand towards a standard course
while improving the outcomes (Brimhall and Barak, 2018). Therefore, the article offers vital
guidelines on the key areas to focus on while trying to develop a sustainable initiative.
Brimhall, K. C., & Barak, M. E. M. (2018). The Critical Role of Workplace Inclusion in
Fostering Innovation, Job Satisfaction, and Quality of Care in a Diverse Human Service
Organization. Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership &
Governance, 42(5), 474–492. doi: 10.1080/23303131.2018.1526151
Li-Ying, J., Paunova, M., & Egerod, I. (2016). Knowledge sharing behaviour and intensive care
nurse innovation: the moderating role of control of care quality. Journal of Nursing
Management, 24(7), 943–953. doi: 10.1111/jonm.12404

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