Miami Dade College Asepsis and infection Control Discussion

NUR 1025L/1002L Fundamentals of Nursing/Transition to Nursing QEP AssignmentIntroduce your QEP topic.
Patient Description
Include age, ethnic background (if relevant to the topic), gender, acuity level within hospital
(step down, floor, ICU), or if in a nursing home (assisted living facility, rehabilitation, or
skilled nursing), relevant medical history, diagnosis, reasons for admission, length of stay, etc.
Please be mindful of HIPPA.
Patient Care
Read and insert literature relevant to the topic:
• What kind of care is the patient receiving?
• How is the nursing staff currently addressing the patient’s health concerns?
• Why are the current nursing interventions important for the patient’s overall health?
• How do these interventions contribute to improving the patient’s health?
Read and insert literature which is relevant to the topic:
• How does the care the patient is currently receiving compare/contrast to evidencebased practice?
• If the care provided differs from suggested practice, why did the nurse or student
nurse choose to deviate?
• If there is limited information available on patient care, what kind of care MIGHT the
patient receive for their current ailment(s) according to evidence-based practice?
Summarize most important points from paper. Draw any final conclusions about topic.
In this section, you may now begin to write in first person (I, me, my). Address these
questions in this section in a narrative fashion:
• What did you learn from the assignment?
• How does this new information compare to your prior knowledge?
• How do you feel about it?
• How did it change you?
• What new skills can you now apply?
• How it will impact your practice in the future?
• Did you experience any “a-ha” moment(s)?
• What new connections did you make from your class, textbook, research, and
School of Nursing QEP Writing Prompt
NUR 1025L/1002L (Fundamentals of/Transition to Nursing Clinical)
During this clinical rotation, you have taken care of several clients. Pick one client that you took
care of, and based on that specific patient scenario, write a reflective journal on the care of your
client on one of the topics listed below based on evidenced based practice. Your reflective
journal will include the following: An introduction to the topic that will be written on and how it
connects to your client, cited references from your textbook and outside source on the
assigned/selected topic, analysis of the topic and care of your client, and conclude by
summarizing what was learned from the assignment and if new knowledge was gained.
Nur1025L/1002L QEP Topic List
1. Nutrition
2. Patient education
3. Mobility
4. Communication
5. Pain Scales/ Assessment/ Interventions (Non-Pharmacologic)
6. Asepsis and infection Control
7. Skin Integrity and Wound Care
8. Comfort and Pain Management
9. Stress and Adaptation
10. Loss, Grief, and Dying
Your paper must be at least 750 words not to exceed 1000 words.
Please double space your paper and use Times New Roman standard 12-point font.
Make sure to proofread your paper; visit and present proof of seeing a writing tutor
before submitting to “Turn-it-in”
Please use a minimum of two (2) references. The two references will include the required
class textbook and at least one outside scholarly source. Follow APA format must be
used citing and referencing sources.
Please include your word count at the end of your assignment.
MDC BLSON 1/2020 QEP Fundamentals Writing Prompt

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