Miami Dade College Unemployed Nurses Paper

respond to these 2 different research paper

include in research whether you agree or disagree with each research or share the same opinion.

Please reply to Research # 1
Need to reply with one paragraph with 150 words including 1 reference with citation
When interviewing nurses, especially unemployed ones, open-ended questions are preferred. It
will allow the nurses to include more information in their response, including their feelings, attitude as
well as their understanding of the subject (Friborg & Rosenvinge, 2013). It permits the analysis to
improve the genuine care of the respondents on the situation. When closed-ended questions are used
to research on work plan and intentions of unemployed nurses, it may not allow the nurses to express
their feelings about the subject (Friborg & Rosenvinge, 2013). That is because of its simplicity and limit
of the answers. Besides, they are not allowed to give an opinion on the issue.
Open-ended questions likewise helps to diminish two sorts of reaction mistakes. One, they are
not likely to forget the answers they intended to give once they are allowed to respond freely (Friborg &
Rosenvinge, 2013). Therefore, respondents are not allowed to disregard reading a question then using
the same answer to fill in a questionnaire. Since the research involve obtaining extra information from
the respondents such as employment issue, age, gender, work plan and many more, researchers should
use open-ended questions that can be used for secondary analysis by other researchers. It provides
contextual information about the study population.
The study also targets a large population since it is to be conducted in the whole state.
Therefore, using open-ended questions will be more reliable to understand the feeling of nurses not
only in a specific region but across the entire nation. Generally, surveyors should rely on the open-ended
question in their research as it deals with a broad spectrum of information.
Friborg, O., & Rosenvinge, J. H. (2013). A comparison of open-ended and closed questions in the
prediction of mental health. Quality & Quantity, 47(3), 13971411.
Please reply to Research # 2
Need to reply with one paragraph with 150 words including 1 reference with citation
When conducting research studies, the types of questions asked is essential for the collection of
data. The information needed for the investigation to be considered adequate depends on the types of
questions asked during the study because this will determine the quality of the information that will be
collected. Open-ended questions and closed-ended questions are used by researchers when conducting
studies in order to collect the necessary data. Researchers must be familiar with the characteristics
between these types of questions prior to initiating the research to ensure the correct information is
Open-ended questions are questions that permit individuals to answer and express their
thoughts liberally. These types of questions allow researchers to obtain more information than expected
and are very useful when conducting exploratory studies. On the other hand, closed-ended questions
are questions asked that have a “Yes” or “No” answer. Closed-ended questions are essential when
conducting research surveys because the results are usually easier to analyze (Farrell, 2016).
Furthermore, if I was conducting a research study, I would implement open-ended questions in
order to obtain my data. Open-ended questions allow participants to respond without restraints, which
may sometimes give the researcher new and critical information that would otherwise not have been
obtained if closed-ended questions were asked. Additionally, closed-ended questions limit the
information that researchers will receive because the answer that individuals will provide will be
restricted to the specific questions asked (Farrell, 2016). Open-ended questions will be my preferred
question types when conducting research because of all of the benefits they provide.
Farrell, S. (2016). Open-Ended Vs. Closed-Ended Questions in User Research. Nielsen Norman

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