682 Module 4: High Quality Curriculum

Please use curriculum for 3K( 3 years old students) see resources.

After completing the learning activities, please

· In the


Discussion Board, attach the rubric and respond to the following two prompts:

· After adding the priority standard and the secondary standard, describe how the alignment to the standards support you in making appropriate and accurate instructional decisions to meet the needs of your students.

· How does the standard support the building of your practice?

· How does it connect to the subject matter and the content?

· Provide a rationale for your response using evidence from any of the resources or additional materials you have access to in the course. 


Highlight in the curriculum where there are recommendations for special education, English as a New Language (ENL) learners, and gifted and talented.

· How was it referenced?

· Is this enough or was it not referenced?

· How would you ensure that these students have equity and access? 

· What attributes in the rubric show you that the
 curriculum is HQ, or has a gap? 

Using the rubric, determine strengths and gaps of curriculum

· After analyzing the curriculum, what evidence do you have that indicates if the  curriculum is effective or high quality?  

Use this rubric to evaluate curriculum:


Tool for Analyzing and Adapting Curriculum Materials

Download Tool for Analyzing and Adapting Curriculum Materials

Optional: View-only Decomposition for analyzing and adapting curriculum materials -October 2021 (1) x

 Download Optional: View-only Decomposition for analyzing and adapting curriculum materials -October 2021 (1) x



Module 4: High Quality Curriculum

Teenagay Stewart

Standards assist educators in arranging a parallel curriculum constitutes what students need to comprehend, identify and be able to accomplish in each course and at each grade level. The preference in standard for my kindergarten Mathematics lesson is CC.K.OA.A.3- Decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 into pairs in more than one way, for example, using objects or counters, and record each decomposition by writing an equation (example, 5=3+2 and 5=1+4). The secondary standard is CCSS. ELA-Literacy.RL.K.1- With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

It is imperative for a teacher to make certain that the goals they set as well as the standards and the objectives are aligned because the success of the students depend on these elements that makes up a lesson plan and is a pathway for guidance and direction of the lesson. “Alignment is the process of ensuring that the specified curriculum is consistent with enabling students to reach the milestones outlined in the standards” (Center on Standards and Assessments Implementation, 2019, p.1). The priority standard of CC.K.OA.A.3 that was selected for this lesson is centered on decomposing numbers less than or equal to ten into pairs in more than one way, for example, using objects or counters and document each decomposition by drawing or writing an equation, for example, 5=3+2 or 5=1+4);hence, there is a connection to the other elements of the lesson. The students will be given a sum-eight which they will have to decompose number pairs that equals eight. The students will be given two different colors of connecting tubes, they will have the ability to see first-hand what number pairs come from eight. The students will work to find addends that equals eight, as the do so, they will understand that there are more pairs that make up the number the number they were given. The teacher and students will efficiently talk through all the ways that they were able to make the pairs. The teacher will also assist the students to find various ways of using a pattern to make the number eight. Plus, the students will listen when the teacher does a read-aloud entitled “Flowers by Flossie”. Additionally, with support and prompting from the teacher, students will be able to asks and even answer questions that was read in the text. This is an example of how the secondary standard CCSS.ELA- Literacy.RL.K.1.- With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text is aligned with the lesson plan.

For my placement the class uses “Go Math”. “Go Math” is a program that teachers use for support in implementing the various ways of differentiation The “Go Math” books come as a kit that includes a “Grab and Go Differentiated Center”. This kit comes with games and other activities. There are numerous suggestions for differentiated instructions in the teacher editions. These suggestions include enrich, reteach suggestions, extended math activities from in-text to Online as well as advanced learners. Additionally, there are Mega Math and animated Math Models; these features allow the students to practice Math interactively and explore math skills and concepts.

When discussing Response to Intervention (RTI), it is absolutely essential to point out that Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) curriculum is a big supporter of RTI instructional model as it offers choices and resources for each student’s learning style and level of understanding. This means that the program offers means for students in all three tiers: tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3. Learners who are referred to as English as a New Language (ENL) learners include strategies that are supported at the beginning of each chapter. Students can learn to develop their language skills, vocabulary, games and organizers as they communicate using mathematics. Support is also provided to students with “ELL call out boxes” that is provided in each lesson.

It is intrinsic that my students have valuation and access to all measures and materials in the classroom. This shows the importance of me scaffolding, repeating and paraphrasing to ensure that each and every student understands what is being taught. It can be said also that I will rigorously explore and adapt my lesson to accommodate the various needs of every student. An example of this would be; for ELL students, they appear to understand concepts better when they are being illustrated, so I could model concepts for them. Therefore, I could draw eight cubes in a row, color 5 of the cubes red then write the number under the red cubes, afterwards, I will color the remaining 3 cubes green and write number 3 under the green cubes. Finally, I will write the equation 5+3=8 under the cubes to show an addition sentence.

The analysis of the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) curriculum and the Tool for Analyzing and Adapting K-12 Instructional Materials (2021) section three- Analyze for cultural relevance/orientation to social justice components 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d , and 3e has led me to the conclusion that it is a high-quality curriculum. HMH curriculum aids students to learn from each other by supporting teachers in creating a learning environment designed to need the student’s academic goals. The resources provided by the HMH curriculum allows all students to be engaged in their interest and backgrounds. The curriculum produces some equity, not that every student receives undifferentiated instruction; alternatively, it requests practicable and pertinent accommodations to be made as needed motivate access accomplishment for all students. (Component 1a) states that the curriculum assists students achieve their learning goals and it aligns with the common core standards.

Components 2a, 2b, and 2d of the rubric (Analyze for instructional and academic coherence) also consists of strengths of the HMH curriculum. The curriculum is the basis of prior knowledge. It includes a five-step instructional model. The first one which is entitled “Engage” asks an essential question to get students focused on the lesson while making the connections which will activate prior knowledge to get students interested in the content.

The analysis of component 1b in HMH indicates that there is a gap in this characteristic. A well-designed assessment does not measure progress against goals. Some students find some of the questions difficult to understand because some of those questions are not age-appropriate. For example, students are asked to choose the number that makes 8 when put together with the number 3. Then choose the addition equation that makes the number pair to the cube train.

Goals are important when creating lessons. This lesson is no different. The key goal for this lesson is to decompose the number eight (8) in more ways than one and also to record each decomposition with an equation. The secondary goal would be for students to asks and answer questions pertaining to the text “Flowers by Flossie”.

Students will learn different concepts as they find pairs of addends that shows number eight, students will come to the realization that there are several number pairs that makes the number eight (8). There will be a discovery made by students to use a pattern that can make eight. Students will use the cubes and start to decrease the first color by one each time while increasing the second color by one each time.

The students’ assessment will be done informally. Modeling, observations, games and discussions will be made by the teacher as the students try to find pairs of eight and record each decomposition with an equation.

For this lesson students will record each decomposition with an equation by recording eight in more than one way to make the pair. There are different activities and tasks to be completed. First, students will use two colors of connecting cubes to find pairs of eight. Next, the students will work with a partner to find number pairs. Then, the students and their partners will take eight red cubes and write matching addend equations, 8=8+0. At this point, the teacher will discuss hoe to effectively find the most pairs by assisting the students to discover the use of patterns to find all the ways. The teacher will have them start with red cubes and decrease by one each time as they increase the second color (green) by one each time.

Another central activity is the “Teach and Talk” where the teacher reads an addition word problem to the class. It is imperative for the teacher to identify to the class the placement of summand at the front of the addition sentence. Then the teacher will direct her students to draw cubes and model the eight-cube train that is equivalent to the addition sentence and then she would advise them to color the cube train.

One other core activity that is a guided practice is the “share and show”. In this activity, the students will model number pairs of 8 and fulfill addition equations. Students will share their results for number pairs that makes 8 and have a discussion about why more than one number pair is possible. When the students are finished, the teacher will present the color cube train that equals the addition sentence.

This lesson will be followed up by other lessons and completed in the classroom overtime so I do not think that there will be any need for them to have this lesson for homework. However, as usual, it will be recommended for families to work with their children at home as a reiteration method. Families are notified about what chapters the students are working on by sending letters home, texting and if necessary, a phone call. They are also advised what they can do to continue to support the students.


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2012). Go Math! Common Core Edition.

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