The right and left halves of your heart are divided by a septal wall. A tiny collecting chamber called a “atrium” and a big pumping chamber called a 

“ventricle” are located on either side of the wall. There are two upper chambers, the left and right atriums, and two bottom chambers, the left and right 


(Better Health Channel, 2022).

 As blood returns from the rest of your body, it is gathered on the right side of your heart. Your heart’s right 

side receives blood with little oxygen. In order to provide your lungs with extra oxygen, your heart pumps blood from the right side of your body to 

them, (Better Health Channel, 2022). The blood returns immediately to the left side of your heart after receiving oxygen, where it is pumped once more 

to all areas of your body via the aorta. The amount of pressure that the blood is pumping against the artery walls is referred to as blood pressure, 

(Better Health Channel, 2022).

Right Atrium

           By taking in all of your body’s oxygen-poor (deoxygenated) blood, your right atrium starts the process. Your inferior vena cava and superior vena 

cava are two broad veins that allow blood to enter. This blood is transferred to the following participant, your right ventricle, by your right atrium, 

(Cleveland clinic, 2022).

Left Atrium:

       The oxygen-rich (oxygenated) blood is almost ready to leave your left atrium and move throughout your body. Both atria—the word “atrium” is 

plural can be viewed as reservoirs. Your left atrium houses oxygen-rich blood, while your right atrium houses blood that is low in oxygen. This blood is 

subsequently sent from your left atrium to your left ventricle via your mitral valve, (Cleveland clinic, 2022).

Right Ventricle:

         Your tricuspid valve allows blood to enter your right ventricle from your right atrium. Immediately after contracting, your right ventricle begins to 

vigorously pump this blood via your pulmonary valve, into your pulmonary arteries, and out to your lungs. Your blood gets the oxygen it needs in your 

lungs to supply the rest of your body. The blood then returns to your left atrium through your pulmonary veins, refreshed and prepared to complete its 

journey, (Cleveland clinic, 2022).

Left Ventricle:

          Within your heart’s four chambers, this is the final halt. In order for the blood to circulate throughout your body, your left ventricle actively pumps 

blood through your aortic valve. Amazingly, this procedure keeps on with each heartbeat. In this way, your left ventricle might be compared to the last 

player who scores the winning basket or deciding goal. However, there is only a brief moment of rest before the game resumes, (Cleveland clinic, 2022).


Better Health Channel. (2022, February 25). Heart explained | 

Cleveland clinic. (2022, May 20). Chambers of the Heart. Cleveland Clinic.

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