UB Health and Medical Waterspouts Discussion

Part 2: Resources Instructions (10%)

Create a Word document that contains the following elements about your assigned disaster/emergency:

Your name and the assigned disaster/emergency

Descriptions of ten (10) information resources related to your assigned disaster/emergency. Each entry should include:


Content covered

Target audience

A typical question you create that can be answered by the resource

  • Answer to the typical reference question
  • The location where the answer was found (URL)

    Descriptions of a minimum of five (5) organizations that could be involved in your assigned disaster/emergency (i.e. Red Cross, FBI). Each entry should include:


  • Purpose of the organization
  • Social media presence

    Mobile website/application

    Describe current technology (including alert and surveillance systems) available for your assigned disaster/emergency including the delivery channel (e.g. radio, television, sirens, social media) and availability of alert (e.g. everywhere, only large towns).

    Course project Overview
    What is a waterspout?
    • A waterspout refers to a rapidly spinning
    cloud-filled wind that occurs over a body
    of water (National Weather Service).
    • The two types of waterspouts include the
    fair weather waterspouts and the tornadic
    • A fair weather waterspout occurs during
    relatively calm weather (descends from
    clouds that are not fast moving).
    • A tornadic waterspout, a more dangerous
    type, is likened to a tornado on land.
    • A tornadic waterspout could either start as
    a land tornado that moved towards the
    body of water or started over the water
    from severe thunderstorms.
    Statistical Information

    Throughout the world, the places that
    are considered to be the most
    vulnerable to waterspout formation
    include the Florida Keys, the islands of
    Greece, and off the east coast of
    The Florida Keys have the most
    frequent waterspout sightings, about
    50 to 500 waterspouts a year (National
    Weather Service).
    Typically, most waterspouts that move
    inland break up upon reaching the
    Thus, although waterspouts are
    frequent in the specified prone areas,
    waterspouts have only resulted in a few
    cases of injuries, deaths, and losses
    since waterspouts have to move inland
    to cause major destruction – statistical
    information is limited.
    Waterspout frequency in the Great Lakes in 2003
    (Source: Mariners Weather Log, NOAA)
    Waterspout Disaster in Cuba
    • On January 27, 2019, an EF-4 tornado
    (waterspout) affected the homes and residents in
    some municipalities of Havana, Cuba which
    included Cerro, 10th October, Guanabacoa, San
    Miguel del Padron, and Regla (The Watchers,
    • The waterspout moved ashore and became a major
    tornado that was on the ground for 16 minutes.
    • The waterspout turned tornado increased its width
    from 500 m to 1000 m while destroying homes,
    buildings, and other infrastructures.
    • To tally, 123 homes were totally destroyed from the
    1238 homes that were affected (The Watchers,
    • There were 4 deaths and 195 residents were
    injured (The Watchers, 2019).
    A knocked over home from the incident
    (Source: @HatzelVelaWPLG)
    Victims & Responders
    • The victims of the said incident were
    mainly residents of different family
    households (REUTERS, 2019).
    • Thus, the victims also consist of
    vulnerable groups such as children and
    • Others that were left alone in their
    respective houses consider the incident
    to be “dark and horrific”.
    • Since the incident occurred too fast,
    the first responders were the residents
    • According to some residents, their first
    response was to move in the opposite
    direction where the tornado was
    moving towards.
    • Rescue teams showed up directly after
    the incident occurred.
    The affected residents of the waterspout/tornado incident
    Source: @Emirates247
    Victims: Information Needs

    Basically, destructive waterspouts are those that become regular tornadoes.
    Information regarding waterspout awareness and preparedness is comparable to that of
    tornadoes (CDC).
    Things to remember: (1) be prepared, (2) stay aware, and (3) know where to shelter.
    Be prepared with fully charged devices for information (with fresh batteries), an emergency plan,
    an emergency container for food and medications, and a list of important telephone/mobile
    numbers (CDC).
    Be aware of the weather conditions by staying tuned in to local radio, television, and/or internetbased devices (Ryan, 2018).
    During the incident, knowing a safer location for shelter increases the probability of being safe.
    It is important to understand that most injuries/deaths caused by tornadoes, in general, are from
    falling and flying debris (CDC).
    Thus, one can shelter inside a room with no windows. One can go under something that is sturdy
    for added protection. It is preferable to go to a nearby building with a basement if one stayed
    outside or is in a mobile home during the incident. If inside a car, outrunning a tornado is not a
    good idea – find the nearest building instead and take shelter (CDC).
    Responders: Information Needs
    • The emergency responders require proper and correct information to
    establish the necessary measures for preventing, controlling, and
    mitigating the further possible hazards of the incident (Oktari et al.,
    • It is the responsibility of the responders to be safe first as they can
    become victims of the incident too.
    • Thus, the establishment of an emergency system is required before
    responders are able to carry out their responsibilities:
    • Training regarding particular hazard(s)
    • Knowledge assessment pertaining to personal protective equipment
    • Understanding the guidelines and mechanisms required during the
    emergency response
    CDC. Staying Safe in a Tornado. https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/features/tornadosafety/index.html
    National Weather Service. Science – waterspouts. https://www.weather.gov/apx/waterspout
    NOAA. Mariners Weather Log: The Great Waterspout Outbreak of 2003.
    Oktari, R. S., Munadi, K., Idroes, R., & Sofyan, H. (2020). Knowledge management practices
    disaster management: Systematic review. International Journal of Disaster Risk
    Reduction, 51, 101881. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijdrr.2020.101881
    REUTERS. Marsh, S., & Frank, M. (2019). Cuba’s strongest tornado in nearly 80 years kills at
    least four.
    Ryan, B. (2018). A model to explain information seeking behaviour by individuals in the response phase of a
    disaster. Library & Information Science Research, 40(2), 73–85.
    The Watchers. (2019). EF-4 tornado, Havana: 1238 affected homes, 4
    people killed and injured, Cuba. https://watchers.news/2019/01/30/ef-4-tornadohavana-1238-affected-homes-4-people-killed-and-195-injured-cuba/

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