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Evolution of Facility Design
Complete the following chart using 175 to 350 words for each explanation of each time period to discuss the evolution of
health care facility design since the 1900s to the present.
Time Period
Explain health care facility design during
this time period.
Before the 1900s, hospitals provided services to
underserved communities while the more influential
and well-to-do patients were seen in the privacy of
their own homes. In the early 1900s, hospitals
collaboratively diagnosed and treated all patients,
not just poor patients. The medical and societal
changes required new spatial requirements to
resemble large pavilion-ward facilities (Kisacky,
1900 – 1950 Hospital Facility Design
The hospital focused more on hiring the best
physician by adding massive diagnostic, treatment,
and therapeutic areas, research departments, and
educational areas. Although the hospital treated all
patients, there was more emphasis on adding private
rooms for wealthy patients who paid in full,
semiprivate rooms and small wards for middle-class
patients who could pay for part of their care, and
large wards for poor patients who could not afford
to pay for care but still received care at no or
minimal cost (Kisacky, 2019).
In 1945, the Hill-Burton Act was passed by
President Harry Truman, which made which had a
huge impact on healthcare facility design and made
federal funds available for new hospital
HCS446 WK 2 Team
federal funds available for new hospital
construction in underprivileged communities (“Past
is Present: 8 Historic Events That Affected
Healthcare Facility Design and Construction,”
2019). The hospitals in these communities were
required to have 4.5 beds per 1000 persons of the
population. The United States Public Health Service
enforced minimum design requirements and standards
to make sure equipment standards and public funds
were used to create modern hospitals (Kisacky, 2019).
The first part of the proposal included providing federal
grants and loans to improve American healthcare
facilities and systems (“Past is Present: 8 Historic
Events That Affected Healthcare Facility Design and
Construction,” 2019).
1960-1990 Hospital Design
In 2007 at the Macworld conference in San
Francisco, Steve Jobs introduced the United States
market to the iPhone. Since its induction, the iPhone
has changed millions of people, including the
evolving healthcare industry. Moving forward, an
estimated 95,000 health and fitness apps are
available on mobile devices that improve patients’
health and fitness (Hajar R, 2015). Apps like My
Fitness pal and Fitbit track and monitor your steps,
heart rate, and diet, which makes consumers more
aware of their health and progress. In addition, the
iPhone can be viewed as a mini-computer or multifaceted tool which can be used for email or
messaging. For example, portal apps such as
MyChart or MyCare have become a convenient way
for consumers to view their electronic medical
records from an iPhone or iPad. Apps like these
offer personalized and secure online access to
portions of a patient’s medical records. Therefore,
patients can view test results, labs, make/cancel
appointments, price estimates, prescription refills,
and present/past medical history. Furthermore, what
is to come in the future will be exciting as
technology evolves and develops.
On March 23, 2010, Former President Barack
Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable
Care Act into law.(KENTON, 2021) It was designed
to help provide health insurance coverage for
uninsured Americans or obtain health insurance.
The Affordable Care Act provides health coverage
to uninsured patients due to preexisting health
conditions or lower-income families who can now
experience affordable health plans within their state.
Additionally, children can stay on their parent’s
insurance until age 26. Furthermore, the act expands
Medicaid eligibility by creating a health insurance
marketplace for lower-income families and
marketplace for lower-income families and
preventing insurance companies from denying
coverage due to preexisting conditions and how and
where the care is provided. “Obamacare” provided
wellness programs, including premium tax credits,
which lower health insurance bills each month, and
cost-sharing reductions reduce out-of-pocket costs
for deductibles to lessen expenses for lower-income
families and individuals, community health care,
and prevention. (KENTON,2021)
2010m- present
Note: 10 lines have been provided for you. You may add lines depending on the number of time periods you discuss.
Write a 350- to 700-word response to the following prompts:
● Differentiate between the types of health care facility designs.
● Analyze two types of inpatient and two types of outpatient facilities.
● Describe the role of stakeholders (i.e., staff, donors, and consumers) in facility planning and development.
Hajar R. (2015). History of medicine timeline. Heart views : the official journal of the Gulf Heart
Association, 16(1), 43–45.
KENTON, WILL (2021). Affordable Care Act
Kisacky, Jeanne (2019, March). An Architectural History of US Community Hospitals. AMA Journal of Ethics,
21(3), 288-296.
Past is Present: 8 Historic Events That Affected Healthcare Facility Design and Construction. (2019).

Past is Present: 8 Historic Events That Affected Healthcare Facility Design and Construction

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