Walden University Key Performance and Evaluation Indicators Discussion

Toensure that leadership is able to accomplish its grand strategies and operational and tactical plan, it must establish key performance and evaluation indicators. The indicators should account for every operational/tactical objective. For example, if a hospital has a grand strategy to improve health outcomes at its facility. Its operational and tactical plan could include operable and dependable medical devices, adequate and trained staff, and an effective electronic patient triaging and tracking system. Key performance indicators to ensure that the hospital has operable and dependable medical devices include, but not limited to, percentage of failed devices, percentage of antiquated devices, and percentage of patients experiencing adverse actions as a result of a failed device. These indicators are measurable and can be tracked on an ongoing basis by the administrative and clinical personnel. Such information is crucial in helping leadership to determine if it is moving in the right direction of accomplishing its grand strategy of improving health outcomes. Now, the organization’s leadership would need to set the benchmark or threshold for success and failure. For example, a successful percentage of failed devices could be 1%. In other words, anything above this threshold would be considered a failure and the organization must act quickly to reverse a downward trend. However, in viewing this matter in context, we must understand that not all failed equipment adversely impact a patient; however, when it does, it is problematic for the organization. Therefore, one occurrence of a failed equipment that leads to a patient injury or death is one too many as it exposes the organization to legal risks.

To prepare:

Review the grand strategies and the operational and tactical plan that you developed for

Jasper Garden

s Nursing Home. Also, ensure that you have incorporated any feedback that your instructor has provided to you.

  • Examine the financial data for the health care organizations in each scenario.
  • Note: Your Assignment should show depth, breadth, and clarity in critical thinking.

    The Assignment

    In reviewing your strategies and the operational and tactical objectives, develop your key performance, benchmark, and evaluation indicators. Your assignment should be at least a five-page narrative that adequately explains how you will measure success and failure for each performance, benchmark, and evaluation indicator; including depth, breadth, and triangulation for each indicator.

    Jasper Garden

    Grand Strategies and Operational and Tactical Plan

    Growth Strategy

    The growth strategy for an organization entails overcoming current and future challenges in the realization of goals for expansion. It includes market penetration, market and product development, and diversification. Jasper Gardens can expand and grow the business through the introduction of Medicare fully to expand patient care. The organization is currently CON certified which means Medicare and Medicaid can be utilized which in turn allows for more admissions with Medicaid and Medicare patients. The Ansoff model is a strategic tool that can be utilized by the organization within its growth strategy. It is identified as having two axes namely:


    It will mainly be driven by the increase in Medicare penetration by the nursing home and additionally seeking to explore facets such as telemedicine. It will be done through market penetration. Jasper Garden Nursing Home can explore having an additional number of Medicare patients in the nursing home which will add to its portfolio substantively and increase its revenue base. It will also attract more consumers that will shift from the current competitors taking a portion of the market share. The nursing home has over the years, built a reputation for stellar services and a friendly environment for its patients. Jasper Nursing Home has equally been able to obtain certification that allows it to cover a broader range of patients. Through the increased number of patients, the hospital can expand its services and increase its market activities extensively. Additionally, Jasper Nursing Home can seek to have medical activities such as seminars and workshops in collaboration with the stakeholders in the market or business environment, to make consumers aware of its services and in turn, increase its revenue. The objectives of the workshops and or seminars should be communicated early on to ensure that everyone is on board with the setup plans or modalities put in place.

    The Market

    The organization is better placed to serve a wider reach and diversify its market to gain additional patients and increase its revenue base. The expansion is increasing the number of doctors would result in a higher quality of services being rendered to patients. Speeding up the enlistment cycle would result in a higher number of patients being served and as such, creating more room for additional consumers or patients for the organization that they previously did not experience. Re-engineering the enrollment time would be one of the most effective ways through which the nursing home could spur additional penetration or expansion of the market.

    Stability Strategy

    New EHR System

    The stability strategy is often utilized by organizations as a strategy to ensure longevity. A stability strategy entails that the organization is seeking stability in its strategy and as such will not result in numerous changes. To start with, the organization will focus on having a new EHR system that will seek to have more structure within the organization. The new EHR system will provide a new way of doing things that will yield higher levels of output (Al-Emran et al., 2018). For starters, the organization will embark on having more of its patient enrolled at a faster rate leading to higher numbers of consumers using the nursing home. The staff will undergo increased training to ensure they understand and appreciate the new process flows and the consequent impact it will have on the hospital. The new EHR system is part of its profit strategy to increase revenue and brand visibility. The organization has in the past identified extensive gaps in its processes. To start with, the organization has embarked on having a better enrollment of patients in the facility (Al-Emran et al., 2018). The previous way of doing things was slower and highly bureaucratic which resulted in the staff wasting time on mundane activities that could easily be automated. To this end, the new EHR system will provide an avenue through which the nursing home can streamline its enrollment procedures among other processes, and in turn, increase the effectiveness of patients and consumer or patient satisfaction.The new system will also help extensively when it comes to allocating rooms for patients and managing them. It will provide a link with other departments and ensure that all processes are interlinked and running smoothly.

    Staff Recruitment

    Jasper Nursing Home is currently plagued with incidences of high staff turnover coupled with a substantial reduction in staff output. The complaints by staff members have increased more so being overworked and underpaid. Jasper can tackle the issue of staff being overworked by increasing the number of doctors working for the institution. The beauty of having a higher number of doctors is to increase the quality of services rendered to patients. Additionally, the nursing home will be able to have repeat patients or increased brand visibility owing to the patient loyalty that will result from having better service provision. The nursing home with additional doctors will be able to enhance the processes in the hospital and spur innovation simultaneously.

    Staff Evaluation and Nursing Home Expansion

    The nursing home will have an evaluation plan that focuses extensively on ensuring that the personnel has set deliverables and that the same can be measured and or assessed at the end of a financial period. The hospital will embark on having salary increments for the staff pegged on their level of experience, duration within the organization, and qualifications. Over the years, the hospital has been plagued by incidences of employee dissatisfaction and complaints more so regarding their salaries and workload. On one hand, the organization will focus on increasing the number of doctors and also adding the salaries of the current employees pegged on merit. The expansion of the nursing home is aimed at equally increasing the capacity of the nursing in anticipation of the addition of consumers or patients.

    Operational and Tactical Factors

    Product and Market Development

    The nursing home seeks to tap into new consumers by delving into a broader perspective as far as its consumers are concerned and seeking to grow its patient portfolio. Here, the nursing home will focus extensively on increased collaborations with stakeholders such as the county official to conduct workshops and sensitization programs all aimed at creating increased brand awareness of Jasper Nursing Home. The hospital will have several operational and tactical factors to focus on that include the following.

    Current Operations

    The nursing home in its endeavors will have to evaluate its current processes and activities in comparison to what the market has to offer or needs. The nursing home must be able to identify the gaps that exist and seek ways to mitigate them through increased product and market development. Currently, the hospital is not able to meet the needs of the community as the demand continues to grow. The nursing home, therefore, needs to evaluate its current processes or operations and find ways to increase its reach to additional patients.


    The nursing home must engage in the expansion of its premises owing to the current high demand and expected rise in the future. The nursing home has been able through the years, to retain a high portfolio of patients and as such, with its new processes and activities, the same is expected to increase. Facets such as increased training and workshops will ultimately spur increased opportunities for revenue generation which the nursing home must optimize as it translates to higher revenues (Jones, 2017). The nursing home expansion measures also tie in with the capacity of the nursing home. All the activities proposed or rendered by the organization are aimed at increasing the capacity of the nursing home. It should therefore be in a position to add more room for its consumers to reel in higher levels of revenue generation.

    Brand Equity

    The nursing home should not only rely on its previous backing or brand value and instead seek new opportunities to propel the company forward. It can do so by providing avenues through which the entity can grow its revenue more so in the untapped sectors of the market. To do so, Jasper Nursing Home must seek ways to increase its brand equity such as the training and workshops. The activities will require a high level of collaboration with stakeholders in the community which the nursing home must be ready to engage and partner with to yield additional sales revenue.

    Implementation of the New EHR System, Staff Expansion, and Evaluation

    Process Flows

    With the new system that would result in better enrollment protocols for the hospital,

    process flows need to be enacted within the organization(Sayah et al., 2014). All components of the hospital from procurement, and administering of services to patients including enrollment,

    consultations, and patient care must be described extensively and form part of the process flows.

    The hospital must create these processes before implementing a new system.

    During this process, a lot of interactions and amendments are made to ensure that the system

    functions as it should and mitigate the gaps that currently exist within the nursing home.

    KPI and Performance Metrics

    The personnel will be provided with key performance indicators that will serve as a

    measure of performance that will be tied to the salaries of the personnel (Sayah et al., 2014). The aim of doing so is to ensure that the pay provided is commensurate with the work done (Jones, 2017). The hospital will make the necessary changes to wages and salaries that will in turn lead to a reduction in staff turnover and complaints that have taken center stage over the years within the institution.

    Job Descriptions, Roles, and Responsibilities

    The nursing home requires that the increase in doctor numbers comes with additional job

    descriptions, roles, and responsibilities. The duties should be well articulated in their job

    descriptions beforehand to ensure that the staff selected matches the current and future needs

    of the nursing home (Sayah et al., 2014). It will ensure that the personnel hired yield the desired


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