Walden University Quality Improvement Process & Quality Model Essay

  • Describe the quality improvement process and the Quality model that will be used. Include a description of a quality improvement tool(s) that you will use in your quality improvement plan. See Spath, (2018) chapter 6 for examples.
  • Explain why the specific process was selected and document your explanation with references.
  • submit a 3-4-page paper that addresses the following:
  • Practice Problem (Completed in Week 1)State the practice problem in measurable terms and that reflect quality indicators. Include data that suggests a practice problem exists. Do not use anecdotal experiences or opinions.Provide a purpose statement including the importance of improving patient outcomes.Analysis of the Existing Evidence (Completed in Week 2)Summarize the findings from the evidence analysis that support your practice problem. Include minimum of at least 5 evidence-based practice sources that support your practice problem. Identify research, clinical guidelines, expert opinions, and other relevant information. You must include two-three research studies in your analysis. Using your own words synthesize the evidence that supports your identified practice problem. There should be no quotes or personal opinions included in this section.Quality Improvement Process (Completed this Week) (Approximately 2-3 paragraphs)Describe the quality improvement process and the quality model that will be used. This is not your entire quality improvement plan, only a description of the quality improvement process and the quality model you chose. You will develop your specific quality improvement plan in week 4. Include a description of a quality improvement tool(s) that you will use in your quality improvement plan. See Spath, (2018) chapter 6 for examples.Explain why the specific process was selected and document your explanation with references.Conclusioncopy of week 1 you did before

Falls in Hospitalized Patients
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Falls in Hospitalized Patients
There are many problems in nursing practices that face patients. They can be in terms of
quality offered or safety of the patients. Despite the type of problem, they need to be addressed
and tackled because they can cause a severe problem if not tackled. However, the common
problem is falls, where hospitalized patients fall from their beds. This paper focuses on patient
falls as a problem, available data on patient falls, and how to prevent them, giving reasons for
selecting the topic.
Patient falls are common problems for in-patients in hospitals especially the one that I am
working with for my clinical rotation. Many cases are reported yearly of accidents caused by
falls of patients. Patients may develop injuries such as fractures, bleeding, and cuts. Whether
they cause injuries or not, patient falls must be prevented while at the same time focusing on the
illness of the patient. Falls slow down the recovery process, and hence individuals need to
combine their efforts to prevent their occurrence. The patients can report a fall, the nurse may
witness a patient falling or an injury caused by the fall. Research shows that falls occur 3 to 5
times per 1000 days a patient is in the hospital bed. It also indicates falls to be among the major
causes of death in the world, whereby aging people and children are the common victims.
Patient falls may occur if the patient has an underlying medical condition, the patients are
alcoholic, or environmental factors such as unhealthy working conditions that cause. Other
causes include muscle strains which may result in a fall when the patient tries to move out of
bed. When a patient falls, their stay in the hospital may be increased, and additional costs may be
incurred (Najafpour, Godarzi & Yaseri, 2019). As a practitioner, I had a conversation with a
leader who said falls are the most common problem in the hospital, impacting my decision to
address it as an issue.
The patient or the nurse can prevent falls. However, falls prevention by admitted patients
is not given much attention (Heng et al., 2020). Older people can be trained in preventing falling
and treating underlying medical conditions such as giving them vitamin D supplements. A
conducive and hazardous-free working environment should be provided, and possible means of
ensuring patients’ safety should be provided. For example, the patient may fall trying to move
out or climb their hospital bed if the bed is slightly high. For such as situation, ‘climbing’
materials should be provided in hospitals. Enlightening and giving information on the risks
associated with falls to patients or guardians of children at risk can help prevent falls (Heng et
al., 2020). All these practices can help prevent and minimize the number of falls taking place in
health centers.
Heng, H., Jazayeri, D., Shaw, L., Kiegaldie, D., Hill, A. & Morris, M. (2020). Hospital falls
prevention with patient education: A scoping review. BMC Geriatrics 20, 140.
Nazafpour, Z., Godarzi, Z. & Yaseri, M. (2019). Risk factors for falls in hospital in-patients. A
prospective nested case control study. International Journey of Health Policy and
Management. https://doi:10.15171/ijhpm.2019.11

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